Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

Oh hey there beauties!

It's been a hot minute but I got crazy busy pushing for the biggest promotion in Arbonne (and HIT IT) so I got slightly behind on dishing you all up with tasty, mouth watering recipes.

But, here I am - I'm back baby!

So in December I went LIVE on my Instagram to show this easy to make dish that is packed with awesome nutrients, pretty fool proof and makes for wicked leftovers.

Here's the LIVE recap if you feel like tuning in and watching a quick demo!

I ended up taking the squash out of the shells after the live ended so that I could put it all into a baking dish, sprinkle parm on top and get it toasty! It was SO GOOD! I've been making this recipe almost monthly for abut 5 years - you probably will after this too!


I hope you all enjoy - and I just want to say a massive thanks for all the support to those who have been by my side these past few years and that I'm super excited to bring in 2021 with you all!!!

Jess & Cruz...xo

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