Hi beautiful, I'm Jess!

I don’t know how people make an “about me” page in one paragraph. I’m going to give it my best shot but then I’ve added in my story below (I’m a talker). So, if you want to know how this journey unfolded for me you can pour yourself a coffee, kick back and keep on readin’.

The nutshell version: I’m a 32 year old sassy and stubborn Taurus who grew up in a small town outside of Vancouver, Canada. I began putting my life online almost 3 years ago and have been sharing the ups, downs and sideways moments through my grief, break-ups, leaving my career and as of most recently, my new journey into motherhood. And if you were wondering, no this wasn’t planned, neither was becoming a health coach, but apparently the best things in life aren’t planned.

Grab a coffee, it's story time...

I’m going to take you back to when I was 14 years old, this is when it all began for me and my muscles. I wasn’t even of legal age yet when I walked into a local gym with my dad’s permission and a trainer’s supervision. I still have no idea what prompted this moment. Neither of my parents worked out, my friends didn’t have memberships and yet there I was determined to start making this small space filled with machines I had zero clue how to use a part of my daily routine.

I wasn’t overweight, but I was struggling in my own ways. Without realizing it the gym became my release, my therapy and it’s still my rock to this day.

From 14 into my twenties I’d continue to be that "fit girl". The one who carried protein bars in her purse at the nightclub, who modified her food orders, and who would workout in hostels while roaming the world. I didn’t ever see my healthy living as punishment, I was having fun and honestly - I felt amazing.

From competitions, losing my mom to a degree.



Fast forward a bit more to my late twenties and you’d find me experimenting with bodybuilding competitions all for the sheer fun of pushing my body to the next level.

The sparkly bikinis where my mom’s favorite pare, but for me it was the thrill of doing what I never thought I could do. It was shortly after she watched me place for provincials that she would get diagnosed with terminal cancer. She passed away 5 months later and it changed my world in indescribable ways.

I finished my degree and landed my dream career as a health care counsellor but felt anything but fulfilled.

About 6 months before landing this position I had started an Instagram just for the heck of it. I wanted it to be where I’d share my crazy, but fun workouts with zero intention of ever becoming a coach.

We all know how this ended, I became an online coach.

I officially
left my career and became a coach...

I created many different programs in the past few years while navigating this new world of coaching.

I was constantly trying to find that secret sauce that taught women how to change their lifestyle, not just how to lose a few pounds.

I’m still wildly passionate about mindset and have it at the forefront in all that I do, but at the same time I’m also trying my best to show women they don’t need scales, diets, restrictions and all the fads to make that ultimate transformation.

Anyhow, I’ve been babbling for awhile now and if you don’t know yet, that secret sauce - well, that’s the Progress Project.

It’s my baby.

From there I’ve created some new advanced options, and dove further into my passion for mindset through mini courses and journals (my goal for 2020 is to get one published).

If you made it this far we are officially best friends!

Message me, email me, and get crazy with me. I’m here for you, so don’t be shy to reach out.

And hopefully I’ll be seeing your beautiful self inside the Progress Project!

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Progress Project

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Mindset Reset

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"We need to stop focusing so hard on the finish line and start paying more attention to the micro progress we make everyday that leads us there - that's where confidence is built and momentum is created."

- Jess Nadine

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