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Yes, the workouts are quick and fun but it's the reset of your mindset that will teach you how to end your cycles of sabotage.

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These are REAL women, just like you. They swapped quick fixes, cardio, and diet culture for a lifestyle where they could eat a burger without guilt and make memories over wine with their friends. And it all began with a mindset reset.


"My biggest transformation ( besides losing 3ft worth of inches) is my mindset shifts. I took the time to do the hardwork and address my issues and really focus on my WHY"


"The fact that you have others doing it alongside you makes such a difference in sticking with it. I have been given the tools to help me change my entire life, not just my appearance."


"My mindset around physical activity has shifted the most. I am pushing my body further physically than I've ever been able. I don't spend my time on the elliptical or treadmill doing endless cardio."


"The mindset portion has been huge. combining that with fitness, being accountable to me, and regularly setting goals.... REALISTIC goals. Digging deep & knowing I'm with it."

Reaching your goals doesn't have to be complicated!

I'm going to coach you how to change your life from the inside out without diets, restrictions, scales and all the fluff. If you are ready to ditch your sabotaging cycles and learn how to create a lifestyle that lasts you are in the right place.

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Here is where you will find me dishing out the latest details of my personal life, sharing recipes and talking fitness.

Want to understand and evolve your relationship with food?

Grab your 3 very simple to use "Heal Through Each Meal" templates that will help you to journal towards healing your relationship with food.

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Hosted By: Jess Nadine, Health Coach & Jessica Roocroft, Registered Dietician

Description: Diggin' In has been designed as a 60 day nutritional challenge to guide you into reframing your relationship with food, so you can stop sabotaging, understand intolerances and the nutritional basics.