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Transformed Lifestyles

These are real women, just like you, who ditched their diets, self-sabotage, and learnt how to create a LIFESTYLE they LOVE living!

My fav part of the Progress Project is not just the difference in my body but the difference in my mindset. Jess teaches about how to love the person you are and to be ..and I quote "so dang badass".

Christina D.

I can’t express how great it feels to love my own body again. I’m smiling more everyday and being a part of this tribe is beyond amazing. Jess and her Progress Project was my blessing and my prayer was answered

Linda L.

Well after 9 weeks of hard work (mental work is legit hard work) I can proudly say I’ve never felt more alive than I do now. I love myself, more and more each day. I’m making progress and continuing to show up for myself.

Emma M.

I’m happier overall because I am getting those endorphins consistently, I’m throwing weight around and challenging myself with hard workouts! But most importantly, this Project has allowed me to really take a hard look at myself and the habits that were dragging me down.

Lyndee R.

I can’t express how great it feels to love my own body again. I’m smiling more everyday and being a part of this tribe is beyond amazing. Jess and her Progress Project was my blessing and my prayer was answered

Well after 9 weeks of hard work (mental work is legit hard work) I can proudly say I’ve never felt more alive than I do now. I love myself, more and more each day. I’m making progress and continuing to show up for myself.

Before this journey I worked out for a year on and off but never really saw progress. My biggest transformation on this journey isn’t just my pictures. I have become stronger physically, mentally and emotionally.But my biggest transformation is that I truly love myself now.

I love being coached by Jess, she empowers me to be the best version of myself everyday.

Hannah Maygar

I knew I needed a better mindset, I was not in a good place. but I was afraid. Afraid I'd start and fail. The reason I was "failing" was because I was not setting myself up properly, not digging deep. Mindset is HUGE! What I didn't realize was that I would find this amazing group of supportive & real women.

For me, the mindset portion of the work has been huge. combining that with fitness, being accountable to me, and regularly setting goals. Digging deep & knowing I'm with it.

Angie Bunnell

It’s crazy what difference 8 weeks can make if you’re handed the right tools, you’re being supported by the right people and willing to put in the work. I felt totally stuck with my job, my life, my friends, … I was exhausted from trying to make changes in my life without knowing what changes I wanted to make or failing at every attempt to change something. Mostly I had become super insecure from not getting anywhere, getting dumped and and being dominated by others.

I had been doing some sports on and off the previous years, I knew I feel better when I move. It’s more or less by accident (or call it an internet addiction if you want :p) that I stumbled upon one of Jess Nadine’s videos and felt instant energy and good vibes I learned about the my body challenge and everything felt right about it except the timing.

I had an injury so couldn’t do all the workouts. What finally convinced me to participate anyway were the mental exercises that are part of Jess’s training. Jess puts as much emphasis on the physical aspect (workouts and food) as on the mental aspect of wellbeing (resilience, self love etc.).

When I enrolled a whole new world opened for me. Jess’s support is one of a kind! Nobody can motivate me and make me feel as good about myself as she can! On top of that there was her international online community of sassy, badass, raw, honest women rooting for each other.

Fast forward 8 weeks and I feel reborn. I worked hard on my physical and mental state but it never really felt like work (except at the end of a workout ;)). It created so much space and rest in my head I can finally look at my life and make the changes I was struggling so hard with before. But most of all, my self confidence had grown to a whole new level! I feel so much stronger and resilient now. It’s a never ending journey but one of the best I ever embarked upon and I can’t wait to continue this in the Progress Project! I don’t know how she does it, but Jess can really make you change your life!


I finally realized that I can eat the foods I love. If I want a cookie, I eat one, and I don't let guilt creep in. I also found BALANCE, I no longer need to spend hours in the gym 6days/week. I spend less time working out and I'm eating the foods I love.

Rachel P.

I didn’t know what “having a tribe” meant. Having this group of women express the same struggles and wins as me was so liberating and comforting. I wasn’t alone in my journey anymore. I can honestly say that I saw more progress in the last 8 weeks than I have in a long time, physically , mentally, and spiritually.

Macaulley W.

I no longer make excuses, I feel like I can take on the world and I have the confidence to do it. But, I continue to implement the tools Jess gives us - and I show up every day to work on my mindset and I keep putting in the work at the gym. I want every woman to feel as healthy, confident, and fit as I do.

Carly W.

Today, I sit here, half the size I was, with triple the mindset. I am able to run around with my kids, sprint the stairs without getting winded to grab that always forgotten lovey, and look proudly in the mirror at this amazing body that has transformed and helped me accomplish SO MUCH.

Leanne R.

I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary with Jess and her programs. The left is “first” picture and the right is today.

When I first joined I did the 12 week program and we had to write our goals and I look back at my goals and can see how much I have changed. Then I wanted to “look” toned and healthy and now I want to “be” toned and healthy, not just look it.

I was extremely frustrated in the beginning because I couldn’t do all the exercises and I wasn’t losing 10lbs a week. Slowly the mental side of the program kicked in and I realized it wasn’t going to be an overnight fix but instead it would be a lifelong journey.

I have since done several more of Jess’s programs and have loved every one of them. Through this group and Jess I have become so much stronger mentally and physically. I have relied on this group to give me motivation, encouragement and support especially when my daughter died. I look at my pictures and in the first ones I couldn’t even look at the camera and now I can’t stop flexing and smiling.

This is just the beginning of a lifelong journey. Thank you so much Jess, for everything you have given me. I love you.

I’ve learned to eat intuitively, I can eat and not track and be OK with it and that’s a huge win for me! The support in the FB group is beyond amazing!

Jamie R.

I feel empowered to listen to my body, do what I can, and when I do workout I show up 100% and feel so much better for it!

Chantal K.

Not only did I have some physical changes but I now have so much freedom! I am learning to love myself! There are no crazy restrictions on what I HAVE to do.


I’ve learned to love myself and my body. I feel so much stronger now, both mentally and physically, and I have more confidence in myself.

Kristi M

There Will Never Be The PERFECT Time To Change Your Lifestyle

Sandra Has Lost Over 43 Inches

We set a goal to lose 50 inches by the end of 2018 and we are on track to do so. This mama of 3 has created these results all from the comfort of her living room. She used to laugh at the thought of jumping around and doing burpees, now she's strapping on resistance bands while she cleans. She's created a lifestyle she loves.

This Babe Found Her Self-Love

Between completing her masters degree, working full time and navigating some emotional life circumstances this babe proved that when you are committed to changing your life - you can. She attributes her results to finally realizing how important self-care, self-love and accountability to herself really is.

Jaylynn Discovered Her Love For Fitness Again

After having kids Jaylynn lost her drive, her inspiration to workout and live a healthy lifestyle. She found herself making excuse after excuse as to why she couldn't get back to her former self (before kids). One of those "I need to make a change" moments happened, she rocked her program from her living room floor and is now smiling ear to ear as she continues to make progress.

Jamie Lost Inches and Is Setting An Example

As a single working mama Jamie struggled to find "balance". She had gotten into a rut and put herself to the back burner. She felt lost and wanted to regain control. Jamie's biggest transformation was realizing that she doesn't need to be "perfect" to create results, she just needed to be consistent and show up.

Here's What These Babes Are Saying About The Progress Project

"This course literally transformed my life! I was in such a bad place before I started this course, I am getting stronger and stronger thanks to Jess Nadine's coaching and her progress project. Her workouts are short and fun but super efficient! The mental challenges are just absolutely AMAZING!!!"

Catherine De Coninck

"This is not like any other online program out there! Yea you get the workouts, guides on nutrition BUT! You also get the tools to learn on how to work on your mindset, to figure out and get to the bottom of what your goals truly are! You don’t just get a fancy PDF guide for this, you get JESS!"

Lara Zukowsky

"So far I think it's honestly the best program I've ever encountered. I have a path, I know where I'm going and I know there is no "end date" so it doesn't feel like I need to rush for a result that will eventually fade. The absolute best part of the Progress Project is the amazing tribe of women that support each other."

Desiree Hamilton

"Every woman needs to experience the beauty of The Progress Project. This is life changing progress. Jess has covered everything you need to create your own transformation. The Progress Project blows every one of my coaching experiences out of the water, for a fraction of the price! The support and accountability from the group is unlike anything you’ve experienced before."

Jennelle Periard

"Jess's program has seriously been the best thing I have ever done for myself. Not only are the workouts fun but they are also fairly quick to fit into busy schedules. The biggest success of her program is the mindset work. She makes you get incredibly real with yourself and really drills into your WHY's and HOW's. She teaches you how to love yourself and the body you have and workout for fun."

Jessica Kappel

"I don't know where to begin. This isn't just a workout group. Let me tell you that Jess changes lives. When I first started with Jess I was a person who thought very little of myself. She teaches you how to love yourself and how to look like a smoke show while doing so. Her workouts are not just workouts, they are actually fun. I give her 1736 stars out of 5."

Christina Sands

"I love how I have gotten much more accountable being apart of this group! There is so much genuine support and encouragement in this group it's hard not to be inspired and motivated af!"

Gabrielle Kalinich

I have been with Jess for almost a year now. I have to say, this platform is by far my favourite that she has used to spread her message, teach, and provide value. It’s really cool that we then have a private fb group to enhance our sense of community and provide support for one another :)

Paige Galpin

More Lives Changed

This can be you. You've just got to be so ready for your life to change that you are unwilling to to quit on yourself.

Biggest transformations: My mental and food relationships are probably the biggest. The mental portion is the 'I don't feel like it, but I know I have a community backing me and crushing it when they don't want to so I guess I can too'. That and the mindset modules- just reading through them to get the thoughts going has helped me.

Kimmy N.

Since joining the Progress Project, my mindset around physical activity has shifted the most. I am able to push my body further physically than I've ever been able to before. There are also no more cycles of sabotaging and then punishing myself. One thing I love the most about this journey has been connecting with the other women in the group.

Niki K.

I have done all the mindset work that comes with Jess’s programs and then along came the Mindset Reset and it made me dig deeper than I ever had. It opened my eyes to areas I had not worked on previously and helped me so much on my journey of self love and discovery. It is an amazing tool!

Jennifer T.

The Progress Project has been a lifestyle change that I plan on maintaining! I had purchased other work out guides before, but as soon as I hit "add to cart" I was on my own. In the Progress Project, you have a huge group of women who will lift you up and support you.

Kirstie R.

My biggest transformation ( besides losing 3ft worth of inches) is my mindset shifts and my biggest love with this journey is the new me. I love how I’m showing up for myself. I love how I’m making myself a priority. I love how I’m a better mom. I love how I’m a better wife. And I just love how it makes me feel about myself.

Reann F.

My biggest transformation has been my confidence. I no longer feel stuck. I feel empowered! I love that in this journey I have found a community of like minded people who support, inspire and motivate me EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Kayla C.

The daily and weekly challenges have made me accountable and helped me learned this new way of thinking. The fb challenge group has made me view things differently and I love that there is this kick ass group of women all coming together . I have learned to be gentler on myself and in the meantime I’ve falling in love with myself all over again . I am super grateful for Jessica’s programs and inspiration she provides us daily . I don’t think I’d be as happy as I am if it wasn’t for the Progress Project.

Jessica J.

My biggest transformation has NOT been my body, you wont look at my pictures and think WOW, but if you could see my internal transformation your jaw would drop. I went from being a slave to the gym, thinking I needed to workout 2+ hours a day plus do cardio 7x a week, I had to track every single morsel of food I ate and weigh it all, I couldn’t enjoy a treat without great guilt and regret.

K. L.

Since starting with Jess, I have learned so much more about how my mindset, goals and self-sabotaging ways were really impacting me. I have learned to be more consistent not only with my workouts, but with my goals, journaling and digging deep into WHY I was making poor decisions for my body and mind.

Gillian F.

A year later, a lot of sweat I can tell you, that it hasn’t always been easy, I haven’t always done 4 workouts a week, sometimes I’ve done less. But I am now in a place where I look in the mirror and love myself. Where my values and my mindset have completely changed and because of that my body has too. That because I decided to put myself first and do the work that is required I stand here as a different person.

Chelsea H.