Oh hello there!

Can I just say I think it's pretty freaking rad that you are checking out this page!

Why? Because you are curious about creating change in your life - and that's courageous in my opinion.

Or, your just wanting to snoop around and that's cool too.

Either way, check out my story below because I'm sure we have some things in common.


My Story


I definitely didn't jump on this opportunity when I was first approached. It took me two solid years before I'd finally say, "Yes".

I originally went the traditional route. I got my Bachelors in Social Work but quickly realized I was paralyzed by the corporate grind. I decided to quit and start up my own online business as a Health Coach in 2017 and am still coaching women worldwide to this day.

In 2019 I got pregnant with my son, Cruz, and had crashing energy and finally decided to try a product. I think we all know how this turns out but I quite literally became obsessed overnight. I ordered more products, fell more in love and finally launched my business.

Fast forward to now, I'm an Executive National Vice President with the company and leading a team of hundreds of unreal human beings alongside me. Leadership truly is my jam!


What Was The Hold Up?

Wondering why I didn't hop on this wagon when I was first approached by my bestfriend (and now leader) years previous?

I had misconceptions. I cared what others might think. I didn't think it would work for me. I thought it was clash with my business. I figured I already had a good thing going.

I basically had every excuse in the books, and to be honest - I think I needed to see my friend change her life through this journey to believe in it myself.

Let's Get Down To Details

For me the biggest hold ups were that I didn't want to feel forced to do anything - I'm super stubborn like that.

I didn't want to have to pay fees monthly, be told to buy products or host parties (cause I'm pretty introverted since mamahood).

And there's none of that! So it made my yes a heck of a lot easier.

What Does
It Cost?

It's only $59cdn to start and run your business for the entire year!

Yep, that's right. We don't have any big introductory package you have to buy or any hidden fees.

What About After That?

You do not need to purchase product monthly. Zero autoship or auto renewals.

If and when you choose to purchase it's up to you - and the discount is pretty awesome!

How Will I Know What To Do?

Don't worry, I've got you covered. We have a step by step getting started process, endless weekly trainings to tap into and the best support systems around.

Will I Work With You?

You bet! If you sign up on my team it means that I am your direct mentor and walking you through every step. Plus, you get access to all of my mentors too!

Ready To Create Change In Your Life?

I can't wait for you to join us. We have a lot of fun (seriously, we really do). Email me once your registration is complete so we can hop on a call together! Excited to meet you!


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