Self-Care Made Easier: free check list & recipe

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Hey beauties!

Let's be real, self-care and self-love and all things SELF can be hard sometimes. You finally have those couple of minutes and feel overwhelmed at how much care you really need that you end up plopping your booty down on the couch and decide that a new episode of Netflix is how it's all going to go down...

But then, post show you think of all the things you WISH you had done with your time. You beat yourself up a little bit because you do have goals, you really want these goals to happen and you don't know why you just can't get your ass in gear.

Does this sound familiar?

It's super common babycakes... you are most definitely not alone.

But making that one decision to toss in the remote and pick up the book, or turn on the bath water, or plug into that new podcast episode can be a GAME CHANGER!

No one ever finishes their self-care (especially when it involves self-development) and says, "wow, now that was a big waste of my life, I wish I never learnt all of this". LOL.

Well maybe, if the book really sucked, but even with the books that don't make it to my lists of recommendations I can assure you there's golden nuggets in them all and I've never considered it wasted time.

I'm getting off track again... why I'm here is to deliver you with this made easy check list for self care. Ways that you can show up for yourself each and every day. Tackle a few, tackle them all or tackle one of them. Just show up.

I had forgotten about this list till I got a notification from one of my clients working her way through my mini mindset course Mindset Reset and commented how badly she needed this, and I decided to throw it up here as a freebie for you all.


What's this Mindset Reset?

It's a mini mindset course that takes you through different mindset hurdles you currently are faced with that are road blocking you from living your best life. Whether it's sabotaging cycles, limiting beliefs, not know what the heck your goals even are or how to ditch those excuses for good - I've got you covered. It's easy to follow along with, it's a mini training and work sheet daily for 5 days. Oh, and the best part it's less than $7! I made it super cheap so that everyone could decide if they wanted to commit to living differently. But I didn't make it free because I've learnt that when I give things out for free people just don't do it (not everyone, but the majority don't). We have more respect for things we invest in.

If you are interested in checking it out, click here for more info!

One more sweet little treat for you to try...

Yesterday I whipped up these waffles (a recipe inspired by my girlfriend Carly Pinchin). It's so simple and so perfect for those days where you want warm carbs in your belly for breakfast.

Her and her kiddos were always eating these so I gave them a go - highly recommend!

The protein I use is linked here! 

I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!

See you soon!

Jess & Cruz...xo

ps this blog took me about 2 hours longer than it shoud've thanks to beautiful teething seasons of our life right now.