Mindset Reset

It's a mini mindset course that takes you through different mindset hurdles you currently are faced with that are road blocking you from living your best life. Whether it's sabotaging cycles, limiting beliefs, not know what the heck your goals even are or how to ditch those excuses for good - I've got you covered.

This mini five day course is going to walk you through 5 key areas to help you ditch your limiting beliefs, sabotaging cycles and learn how to set goals, REAL GOALS.

What you'll get:

  • 5 Daily Coaching Videos
  • 5 Daily Exercise Tool Books
  • Additional freebies to help you organize your day and stay on top of your goals

Client Reviews

"I have done all the mindset work that comes with Jess’s programs and then along came the Mindset Reset and it made me dig deeper than I ever had. It opened my eyes to areas I had not worked on previously and helped me so much on my journey of self love and discovery. It is an amazing tool!"


"Taking the time to actually sit down and write out the responses to the mindset work was an absolute game changer for me, it helped me realize I have been playing small and standing in my own way. I am much more aware of the self talk when I try to make up excuses or talk myself out of things and can choose to listen or do the hard thing to make changes in my life"


"I have struggled so hard with body image and nutrition all my life. I was obese and then lost over 100 pounds from a very restricted diet. That diet made me so afraid to eat in fear I would be obese again. After doing the mindset work and that jess provides I feel I can eat without shaming myself. Also her workouts are like no other, I like how she challenges me to push my body in new ways! I feel so strong and confident during my sweat sessions. I love my body the way it is and will continue making progress."


"Doing the mindset reset with Jess' videos helping you along really helped me to dig into what my deep goals are. She will tell you like it is without any sugar coating and I truly believe that is what we all need. Most of the reasons we don't go for the big goals are because of the excuses we tell ourselves. We have to own our excuses and move through them. If our goals are truly important then we will go for them because it is too valuable not to. These exercises helped me refocus and are applicable to all no matter where you are in life. By setting new goals I have better daily intentions overall"


"The mindset reset was just what I needed to realize how I’ve been holding myself back and why. A lot surfaced that I wasn’t aware of and it really helped me paint a picture and understand the reasons why I make excuses or have limiting beliefs ect. Through working with Jess I’ve learned how crucial the inner work is - and this reset is something everyone needs to dive into no matter where they are in life. I will definitely be working through it again when I need to! Crazy how giving ourselves time to sit down and go inwards makes a huge impact! Stagnancy is energy that needs to be moved and trust me after this reset you’ll be making changes with your new found awareness!"

- P.G.


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