Mamahood Mondays & Coconut Strawberry Protein Balls

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Happy Monday ....

It's Monday morning and Cruz has been sleeping for two hours, which means I've been typing like a mad woman trying to tackle the largest to-do list you ever did see.  This mama entrepreneurship gig has been challenging, but slowly (very slowly) I'm finding my groove. Instead of slowing down I feel like I've sped up 10 notches. Sometimes I'm flailing around looking for that lifejacket for survival and other times I feel like the most badass mama. It's a balancing act haha.

Everything is figureoutable...

Through it all though I've been learning grace, allowing myself to have grace and realize that everything is figureoutable. By the way if you haven't read "Everything is Figureoutable" yet, do so! It's awesome, it's written by Marie Forleo who happened to be the coach of the very first business course I ever took (many years ago). I've been making changes in my businesses to accommodate my business and deciding when and where and how I show up to make the biggest impact. Making blog posts and email newsletters have taken a back seat, the podcast is now currently on hold, my instagram inbox goes up to 6 days before I tackle it on average BUT I'm choosing these pauses right now.


I've chosen to focus on my clients in the Progress Project and add on new perks to make my coaching even better. I now host two live workouts every week alongside them (something I never did before). I've chosen to host free nutritional challenges alongside other coaches to say thanks to those who make the choice to try out the nutritional bundles. I've chosen to post on Instagram and Facebook almost daily because that's where I know I make my biggest impact. So, it's a matter of giving myself to see how much I am still doing instead of giving myself shit for all that I'm not doing.

We can all practise this more I think. We are so quick to give ourselves heck for what we aren't doing anymore. But something to remember is that those things you feel like you've quit on... they are simply on pause. They aren't forgotten about. You didn't quit them. You just paused them.

Navigating life, while changing your life (and raising your mini humans too) is hard work.

So give yourself some grace girlfriend.


A couple hacks I've been doing to get myself here:

  • asking for help! Sometimes this is the hardest thing to do isn't it. I ask dad for alone time, for work time, and that often means sacrificing the little family time it feels like we have - but it's my sanity (and my business) and I need it. So I ask.
  • utilizing my time. I don't watch day time television, I don't scroll. I am hyper focused on what I need to do. I listen to audio books while I feed Cruz. I take him for walks and plug into my book to escape while getting in my steps. And I still meal prep like a boss.
  • not ditching the habits and routines that created my current state. I haven't missed a day of my greens trifecta in the morning, and I've been consistently moving my body at least 4-5x per week. I make it happen even if it means it's for 10 minutes and it's 10pm. I choose to make it happen.
  • I let go of the idea of the laundry being done, the kitchen being super clean and I don't try to me Suzy Homemaker. I don't have the house clean everyday, I wait 1-2 weeks to do my own laundry and I prioritize what's most important, not what I think "should" be done.

I hope this helps someone out there in some way, and at least it gave me a place to let it out.

And I figured I'll sweeten it up with this recipe that everyone has been dying to try out.

It's with the new strawberry protein powder that is that freakin' good!

The recipe:

Next challenge details....

Our next nutritional reset challenge will be starting on June 22nd!

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I hope you all have a fabulous week, get out there and show up for yourself!

I'm proud of you... incase you needed to hear that (because I think we could all benefit from hearing it a little more).

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Until next time....

Jess & Cruz...xo