Pumpkin Protein Granola Bars: now these are unreal!

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Hi beauties!

How the heck are ya?

I feel like I've hit one of those emotional slumps but I'm trudging through and releasing as I need to. Getting outside, tuning into a new book (reading the new Rachel Hollis book) and soothing playlists while working have been helping turn my energy around.

Cruz turns 7 months today and I'm wondering how that is even possible. Time has escaped me. I feel bitter sweet about it and am wanting to snuggle up to his little bod more and more and I feel like his baby like demeanour is changing into a little boy...a studly little boy that is.

In other news, I whipped up these protein granola bars that are absolutely to die for. I mean, I feel like I toot my own horn a lot with recipes but these are NEXT LEVEL. I've been popping them into my mouth first thing in the morning to give me that little nutritional boost before chasing around this crazy crawling busy body I've got now.

My appetite is slowly coming around to what it used to be. I was always that ravenous person first thing in the morning but since having Cruz it's like my body naturally wanted to fast after my greens combo for a few hours. Which worked for me. But that hunger is slightly coming back...or maybe the bars are that good, I can't be sure haha.

Here's the recipe...


Ps... I made these into perfect little squares because I used this new little dandy Epicure tray that I bought off of my girlfriend. You can check it out here - but it made it SO SIMPLE because I just poured in the ingredients and didn't have to form anything myself and they popped out like glided butter. Wah-la! *not sponsored I just really love this tray LOL).

Pumpkin spice me baby!!!

I just ordered 3, yes I said 3 more bags of the pumpkin spiced protein because I have a fear it's going to run out and then I'm going to have fomo. So if you are anything like me and want to get your hands on some vegan pumpkin spice to make some bomb recipes with this season grab yours here.

Hope you all have a fabulous humpday!


Jess & Cruz...xo