Busy Mornings and Easy Breakfasts

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Happy Saturday Beauty!

Today I've submerged myself into a mindset course but I wanted to share this recipe with you all quickly incase you didn't get my email newsletter earlier this week.

I chatted a bit about this on my Instagram this week but holy heck my food aversions are still so real post pregnancy. My good ol' protein oatmeal is just not cutting it these days and not what this body is craving anymore.

So I decided to whip up a new recipe...

It's a super easy egg recipe that will save you time and energy during those precious morning hours. A perfect addition to Sunday's meal prep ;).

I made these with two different variations: the ham and cheese on 6 for dad and 6 without (just peppers) for me.

Workout with me live this Monday!

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  1. 10x mountain climbers to squat jump
  2. Wide to narrow squat jumps
  3. Plank jack to vertical hop
  4. Weighted burpee
  5. Kneeling squat to press
  6. Lunge to knee rap

30 seconds on - 10 seconds off, 4 rounds

You can catch the workout here.

.... this workout was definitely fuelled by fizz!

See ya on Monday!


Jess & Cruz...xo