You are stopping you, not anybody else.

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Hello beautiful,

Last week I was leaving a coffee shop and I sat in my car and made this quick video on how "the struggle is real" - and maybe this is something you need to hear (even if it's for the millionth time).

Struggling is something I know I do often. You might look at me and think I've got it down pat now, but girlfriend, I've created systems that work with my lifestyle BUT I STILL STRUGGLE. And, I will tell you right now that every successful person I know does too.

If you have it in your mind that you are going to reach a point where you no longer struggle, where everything becomes "easy" and peachy - you are setting yourself up for some serious failure.

Instead, what if we took on a new belief - that struggle WILL exist but that we REFUSE to let the struggle stop us. Cause that's the only thing that sets apart those who succeed and those that don't. Some are just UNWILLING to quit on themselves, on their goals, on their life. And you can be that person, who's unwilling, to let struggles stop them.

I personally have struggled hard with finding new balances while being pregnant, understanding my ego and letting it go, trying to navigate letting go of control (more-so the already loss of control I feel about my future as a mama), I mean I could go on forever. You get the point. I struggle too. I definitely don't always make my gym sessions. I don't always eat the meals I've planned out. I don't always journal or reach the intentions that I set out to do each week. I AM HUMAN. And you are too girl.

Here are my 3 quick tips when navigating the struggle:

Realize you ALWAYS have a choice! Always! Stop blaming everyone else, stop blaming the weather, stop blaming period. Whether or not you show up for you is on you, nobody else. There are always things you can control to make your day have hints of progress. Find them. Do them.

Struggle does not mean "it's not meant to be". This is a common way out, telling yourself that "it just wasn't meant to be" so that you don't have to keep going when the going gets tough. Bullsh*t. Do you want it? If the answer is, "yes!" then push through that struggle.

Let go of expectations! Stop setting yourself up for failure by believing that success looks a certain way. That you should feel, look or be different by an exact date in time. And most importantly, that it's going to be easy. I can guarantee that it won't be. So let it go.

Wherever you are at right now I hope that you are realizing that YOU do have what it takes. And, that STRUGGLE is all a part of the beautiful mess in creating an upgraded version of you!

ps.... if you are someone who really struggles with your mindset and getting over those limiting beliefs, check out the mini mindset reset course. It's only $6.97 and I bet you'll get a heckuva lot more out of it than that venti latte with extra whip! ;)

With love,

Jess...and the mini hot tamale! XO