September's Reads and a Killer AMRAP Workout

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Hello, Gorgeous!

I survived doing the solo mama thing! Cruz's dad was away for just short of two weeks and to be honest, I really enjoyed it. Yes, it was more difficult in some ways but I missed my solo time here and there and found my groove. But, now that he's home I've put him on Dad Duty so that I can catch up on work and throw some goodies your way.

Anyone feel like the days are definitely getting shorter? I miss those 9pm sunsets and feeling more energized by that sunshine. But fall season is definitely my season...and it means it's soup and cuddle season and I'm allll about that life.

Last night I prepped a massive batch of chicken noodle soup which I'll share with you here in a few days!

But for now, let's cozy up with a good book, invest in our mindsets and then get our sweat on, shall we?

I hit Chapters last week and picked up these two new books. I've been reading paper books versus audio at night time so that I can completely turn off that phone and flip real pages to calm myself before bed...I think it's working ;). My no matter what goal is at least 10 pages per day...want to get on board with me?


Now this is a hard-hitter. In this John C. Maxwell outlines the "11 Essential Changes Every Leader Must Embrace." So far I am LOVING it.

Leaders Eat Last

Yes, another book on leadership! It's a fantastic foray into the world of team-building led by motivational speaker Simon Sinek. If you haven't watched his very famous Ted Talk, go search it out now ;).

The Ed Mylett Show

If podcasts are your thing, park it right here. Ed Mylett is that jock style guy with a heart of gold. His podcast interviews always leave me feeling motivated to create change or think deeper in some way. I loved his recent one with Jay Shetty!

Ready for a killer AMRAP? I know you are! Check this one out...

Recently a lot of my rockstars in the Progress Project have been redoing workouts with me from previous months and this one... is a goodie! Give 'er a go!


How'd that feel? You ready to step into the weekend fuelled up and inspired?

Ps.... we just decided as a team that our next reset date will be October 12th, so mark your calendars and get ready for it!

With love,

Jess & Cruz