Peppermint Chocolate Dessert Cups

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Wahoo! The official launch of the new site is LIVE and we are back in business with the new coaching platforms and I just reached my 26th week in pregnancy.

And let's just dive right into why we are all here - the dessert that literally looks divine, too pretty to eat and tastes like it should put you on the naughty list - and yet, it's actually on the nice list (unless you eat the entire batch in one sitting).

I whipped these up for the Progress Project but realized I haven't shared a recipe with you all in awhile so consider it an early Xmas gift from me to your tummy!

Also if you are feeling all kinds of emotional, hormotional, or it's that time of the month - I can promise you that one of these will help you curb those cravings in an instant!


1 cup carob chips (or dark chocolate chips)

2 tbsp coconut oil

4 heaping teaspoons of Arbonne's Chocolate Protein Powder (this is plant based but you can sub for any powder you'd like to use)

3 teaspoons crunchy all natural peanut butter

3 peppermint candies


Heat up 1/2 cup carob chips with t tbsp coconut oil in microwave for 60 seconds, stir well, and then repeat for 30 seconds. Stir very well until mixture becomes liquified.

Evenly distribute the mixture into a muffin tray with liners (if not using a silicone tray, which I recommend).

Place into freezer for 10 minutes or until frozen.

In a small bowl mix together the peanut butter and protein powder. You want the consistency to be soft but rollable into balls. Add more powder or peanut butter if needed. Prepare 6 small balls.

Remove cups from freezer. Press each ball into the frozen carob layer forming the filling portion to this dessert.

Repeat step #1 and heat up the remaining carob mixture and coconut oil. Pour evenly on top of the second layer.

Crush peppermint candies and sprinkle pieces across top layer.

Place tray back into freezer for additional 10+ minutes or until frozen.

These will easily pop out of a silicone tray once frozen. Place cups into a sealable container.


I'm not joking when I say these are a MUST MAKE this holiday season. Bring them to your next girl's night and leave in the freezer until you are ready to devour or keep them stocked on hand for when your cravings hit!

Stay tuned for more holiday treats to come!

Who's making these?

ps if you are in the Progress Project the full tutorial is inside our membership facebook group!

With love,

Jess and the mini hot tamale! XO