Frozen Marble Cake Protein Cookies

arbonne pregnancy protein cookies protein recipe recipe

Hi beauties!

The pregnancy continues and so do my chocolate cravings...

Today we are 39 weeks and 6 days, and I'm honestly a little shocked. I didn't think I'd be as early as everyone once predicted. The majority of the world thought I'd burpee him out of me by 32 weeks, but apparently I fooled you all or he just really loves my bouncy ways.

Dad predicted a leap year baby with him being born on Feb 29th where I thought March 2nd. We were both wrong.

I'm pretending not to see the predictions that land me around 42 weeks ;) ... but as of right now I feel fabulous.  I got this new energy rush, where I feel so dang good. Everything is ready, every outfit of his is hung up or folded into a little drawer and we are just waiting for his arrival. I never thought the day would come where I felt "ready" but it's here.

So, as I sip my greens trifecta this morning typing out this blog I am in complete calmness and I don't know when the last time I experienced this was. I've been in such a rush for the past two years. Developing the Progress Project, launching the podcast, mindset guides to advanced guides, the blog, the site, and the list goes on. But as of right now I'm feel accomplished, alive and if the podcast goes a few weeks without an episode cause I'm mothering--- that's okay with me.

But the real reason why we are all on the blog - the frozen marble cake protein cookie recipe!

I ran out of balls and this mama is ensuring to keep something sweet and protein packed on hand to bring to the hospital for when the big day arrives!

The Recipe

After you make these you are going to need to tell me how unreal they are... deal? Tag me if you end up posting them too! I'd love to see your Martha skills at work!

Today I've got my final scheduled midwife appointment, so stay tuned for mini hot tamale updates! We will see what's in store for us.

I'm also about to go try an armpit detox as I switch over to an all natural deodorant...haha stay tuned I might just blog it as well cause my IG blew up yesterday when I shared that I was going to be doing this.

Want to grab yourself some marble cake protein?

Click here to shop this protein and all my fav vegan products! Message me if you have any questions about any of them!

Talk to you all real soon!

With love,

Jess...and the mini hot tamale...xo