Fizz Freezies: the perfect summer pick me up

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Hey beauties!

Last week I decided to do a random meet up in the park with some of my local Progress Project babes. Nothing fancy, just a good ol' sweat session... except I went a little too crazy and made one of the hardest workouts I've made yet. I'll drop it below incase you all want to give it a try. We aimed for 3 rounds, got through 2 and then made up a fun routine for the third.

I know these ladies wanted to quit after the first round but they picked themselves back up and went for the second round. But, I could see the exhaustion, the real fatigue they were experiencing and I decided to stop it at two. This wasn't failure. Actually it was the opposite.

Most of these women messaged me afterwards and thanked me because it made them realize that they were holding themselves back. That they weren't pushing themselves as hard as they should be with our workouts. They were picking and choosing the exercises, or workouts, that they FELT like doing. Our progress and greatness comes from the exercises we won't feel like doing.

It gets really easy to sit in comfort and do what you know how to do and feel good about doing. It's really difficult to get uncomfortable, but that is where growth lies. I used to HATE the stairclimber at the gym. My legs ached after a few minutes. I literally HATED it. Then I decided to create challenges for myself around it, to grow. Now, I'm that weirdo who loves it. My legs still burn but every single time I get on there I know I'm making progress. Walking is easier, I choose harder.

I hope wherever you are at today you are choosing roads that are creating you to grow and evolve. Those are roads where progress happens.


The icy part....

I decided to bring a sweet treat for afterwards for reward their sweat session....I made FIZZ FREEZIES. Literally the minute after I decided to post up that we were doing a random meet up I went on Amazon and bought a DIY freezie making kit and got way too excited about it.

Here's the easy recipe so you all can give it a try.

I used apple, pomegranate and strawberry for flavours.

Strawberry was the fan fav!

What's Fizz?

It's a low calorie coffee replacement that temporarily increases alertness and decreases fatigue. I'm fizz obsessed, it's hands down my all time fav product from Arbonne (and they have over 450 of them). Each stick has 55mg of caffeine from green tea, plus it's packed with b vitamins, botanicals and minerals. I stopped drinking coffee months ago, and if you knew me I was an addict to say the least. Since then I've never felt such clean energy in my life, no crashes and no gut rot from coffee. Plus, I save a whackload of calories because this mama loved adding all the creamer into her 9 cups of coffee per day.

These freezies probably had 1/2 of one stick per freezie, so the perfect little treat with less than 5 calories.

I'm heading away this week and thinking I want to whip up some protein smoothie sticks into these freezie containers and maybe some boozy ones ;). Stay tuned!


The Workout...


Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!

With love,

Jess & Cruz...xo