Double Chocolate Protein Bites

arbonne chocolate protein balls recipe

Hey, beauties! 

In one of my blogs, I shared how finding my people helped me be the better human I am today. Better in terms of being me - all out me. It wasn't easy finding my people. I struggled with finding a true support system. It took shedding negativity in order to find positivity.

Fast forward to today, I have the best support system I could ever have. The kind where you know they are genuinely clapping for you when you achieve something or would be there to lift you up if you needed a boost.

I found most of this circle through Arbonne - I know, this sounds kinda crazy right? It's true though. I needed to step into a new area of life, pivot, and create room for those people to enter. And then, as I rose up in my business I started to create this unreal team of leaders with me. I wanted to celebrate that.

So last Monday, we had a brand photoshoot for our businesses. We got dressed in fun feminine clothing, we blasted music and we sipped champagne. It was an absolute blast. So many of them I met for the first time that day yet I felt like I've known them for forever. Check out our behind the scenes here!

Side note - if you've never done a photoshoot I highly recommend it. It allows you to feel beautiful, to be the focus of attention and to celebrate you. So go, go and celebrate you!

We are definitely going to be doing more of these shoots and I can't wait for the next one - it's going to be in early spring and you can join us ;).

Now, for the sweetness...

I've started making my protein balls with egg whites (yes, raw egg whites from the carton) and they make them so freaking moist - I'm going to keep doing this hands down!

Give these double chocolate balls a try...

Did I mention? It's no-bake.

Blend everything but the chips in a food processor, then mix in chips, form into bite-sized heavenly balls & refrigerate.

And voila! I will admit I ate these way too fast and am already needing to whip up another batch.

 Stay tuned for my protein pancakes recipe next!

Jess & Cruz...xo