Double Chocolate Nut-Free Protein Balls

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Hi beauties!

Okay, so this mama finally splurged and got a food processor…

Game changer! Why did I wait so long to get on the processor board? Here I was mucking around with my hands and telling people to "get right in there" when in a matter of 5 seconds their balls could've been whipped up real good?

Big shout out to the hot lil food blogger on my team for dishing me up with this recipe and finally convincing me to hit up Amazon and just get the dang processor already.

You can check her out on Instagram for more amazing recipes: @the.basically.balanced.foodie

In other news, the bulk sections at our grocers are back open (hallelujah). This mama loves her bulk section and ours comes stocked with carob chips! They are my fav, less sweet and a tad healthier than your traditional chocolate chip.

I went live yesterday morning with these balls inside our reset challenge and got everyone to write out what their non negotiable was for the day.

Why do I do this? Because if you are anything like me then you might be writing down to-do lists that touch the ground and left feeling somewhat defeated come evening and you've only scratched the surface. So everyday I have my non negotiables. The are my NO MATTER WHAT I am doing these tasks. It can be as simple as getting in your water, to giving yourself some TLC self care (detox masks are my fav) and or getting in that hot and heavy leg day.

Anyhow, I'm basically throwing this little reminder in your ear cause I want you to try it out. Just pick 1-3 non negotiables for today. How you are going to show up for you.

Maybe making these delicious balls from heaven is one of those three ;).

Ps... I have two fully stocked up recipe books on ways to use our plant based protein powder that taste delicious and get all your nutrients in. Sometimes we get in the rut of making the same ol' recipes and just need inspiration. I've got you covered girlfriend.

If you order any nutritional goodies through my link please email me so I can hook you up with these recipe books!

You can grab yourself some of the chocolate protein powder here.

Enjoy babes....guilt free.

Jess & Cruz...xo