Chatting explants, therapy and all delicious things....

arbonne bogo recipe

Hey you beautiful thing!

Let's chat explants, therapy and all delicious things....

I just posted on my story how I finally managed to make my breakfast three hours ago to have it sitting there in perfect formation still to this minute. It's the perfect mixture of mom life and entrepreneur life wrapped up in that picture. But I am starving so as soon as this email is sent out to you I'm devouring that shake the size of my head while also poppin' a few of the protein balls I made last night into my hungry mouth.

So... let's play a weekly little catch up because my life has been full of beautiful chaoses.

First up - had a glorious 90 minute therapy session last week and it was needed.

Do you ever just feel like you need to get so much off of your chest? Me too. I felt this. It was a relationship session. Yep, I do relationship therapy too - it's needed in my opinion. For us anyhow. Navigating parenthood is tough, it's even crazier when you have a baby shortly after being together haha (but zero regrets here).

Speaking of getting things off my chest...

I had my breast explant appointment yesterday and booked my date. Eekkk so freaking exciting! As of December 1st my 15 year old implants will be out of my body, and it will be MINE again. This is a personal choice. You can read about my WHY here.

Tomorrow is the end of the month, which means the entire new HOLIDAY LINE DROPS SOON! EEEKK I am beyond excited to share with you what's in store. So many amazing festive products and wicked gift ideas.

But in current news the BOGO sale is on... did you jump on board already and stock up?

This mama sure did!

Shop til you drop here.


As usual, I've been in the kitchen cookin' up a storm. Figured I'd dish you up with a bowl of warm love before I head off. This is the PERFECT recipe for fall, if I do say so myself. And super easy, too. Just chop, drop, and go.

Here it is all cooked up and ready to eat. Looks deeelish, no?

I'm determined to drag my butt to the gym today too. There's 61 days until us Progress Project beauties meet up together for our big empowerment shoot and I want to know that I came into it showing up for myself.

Hope you all have a fabulous day!

Happy shopping and nourishing!

Jess & Cruz...xo