7 Layer Protein Dip w/ a Splash of Reality

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Oh mama-hood, you are one wild ride. It's a ride I never want to get off, but I sure do want to hit pause periodically. Whether it's in the cute "coos" of newborn stage or in the minutes where I just need to type of one sentence to a client and can't get it done.

Juggling it has been hard, I'm not going to lie. When we first found out we were having a baby our life looked a little different. Dad only worked a few hours managing his job sites and we anticipated lots of helping hours to be on hand. Since then he's been leaving the house around 5am and home around 4-5pm.

Sometimes I really struggle with finding that so called "balance". Hence not being able to get out a blog post in almost a month. What's most discouraging is the comments from others telling me to simply "take a break from work" as if I can put my entire business on hold. It's just not that simple, nor is that something I want to do.

I worked really hard to ensure things would be a little easier but with over a few hundred messages daily before even diving into client work or creation - things pile up fast. And that's a part of my JOB - client interaction, is how I grew my business from the ground up by myself. It took a lot of years, thousands of hours in programming, support and I'm not simply able to walk away from those people or what I love to do. So off I go to find that "balance".

Right now the things that keep me sane is my morning routine which consists of my greens trifecta (greens, digestion plus, and fizz), my protein oats (on the blog) and preparing a litre of water. This used to take me 10 minutes to enjoy, and usually now consuming it is spread out over a few Cruz feedings and diaper changes, but I still manage to show up for me and make it happen. That feels good. I've also tried to put a little make up on each day, usually right after a feed when he's calm. And always before bed I spend that time taking off my make-up, applying my lotions and massaging my scar tissue.

But you probably are here for the 7 layer protein dip... so let's get right into that deliciousness shall we?


Here's a little step by step mixture of the add ons!

Oh, and we can't forget the chips! Yes, real tortilla chips are mandatory. And no, I don't love the whole wheat versions of them haha.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did!

Hopefully I can chat with you guys a little sooner next time and it doesn't take me another month to blog it out with ya all!

With love,

Jess...and Cruz xo