Who doesn't love a good tease? FREE Teaser Trial of the Progress Project!

free progress project trial

Hey Beauties!

Have you been looking on the outside and wondering what the heck we are up to in the Progress Project? Well, I have a little surprise for ya. This FREE Teaser Trial is loaded with workouts, tips, recipes, sass, and much more.

The only thing it's missing is the private community group, which to be honest is the magical part. It's where we get together to do live workouts together, have daily accountability, are able to lean on each other for support when we need it and strip down on Sundays for check ins.

But for now, this will get you drenched in sweat and the meals will get you drooling.

So what are you waiting for? Download here and get goin' already! ;)

And now for a lil' workout sesh outside of the trial...

The kind that is full of fire and all kinds of glute burning. I’m dishing you up with a FULL LEG DAY that will leave them cheeks on fire!

I needed a good ol’ leg day, with all the reps and sets. But first, let me know if any of you have ever experienced this before…

Where you all of a sudden develop a new fear.

Mine happened during pregnancy with box jumps. I stopped doing them while preggo for obvious hazard reasons. But post-pregnancy the thought of them has paralyzed me.

So many times I’ve stood in front of the damn box and it’s like my legs won’t move. During this workout, I FORCED myself to get over this fear.

I used a low step.

I visualized it.

And I did it…full of fear of smashing my face and somehow breaking everyone in body. Dramatic, I know. But anyhow, I’ve managed to jump it up a few inches.

Box jumps were something I LOVED to do.

Have you ever experienced a rapid change with fears, pregnancy related or not? Leave me some comments below! 

Here are the workout deets:

Reps are on the slides.
We’ve got three circuits coming atcha.
Repeat each circuit through 3 times.

Circuit 1: elevated lunges, split squats, side step ups, & deadlifts
Circuit 2: sumo deads, curtsy lunges, glute bridge, & frog pumps
Circuit 3: toe taps, box jumps, & over n’ backs

Check it all out in the video here.



Jess & Cruz...xo



P.S. Don't forget to download your free copy of the Teaser Trial!