Pistachio Chocolate Chunk Protein Cookies

protein cookies recipe

Hey Beauties!

So a few weekends ago I went on a solo road trip ME time! You guys have no idea how excited I was to just jam out, get fizzed up, and listen to endless new podcasts (for real). My brother's girlfriend laughed at just how excited I was for this - I'm a true self development nut ball.

On my way, I shared some podcast listens that I loved and thought were worth sharing. One of them is about giving yourself permission. Like literally writing it on a slip. There's a highlight on my Instagram titled "Pods / Books" check it out here to get some new ideas for podcasts.

Have you ever thought about it before? Were there any instances where you didn't do what you wanted to do because of the voices inside you? (Usually it's that inner mean bit*h that stirs up internal questioning / shame / doubt / fear)

Or because of the fear of what others may think or say about you? Usually we make up full on scenarios about this - imagining the worst possible outcomes of people's reactions.

Been there, have you?

Today, I want you to think about this...

What have you been wanting to do that you haven't given yourself PERMISSION to do?

Maybe it's as small as wearing a different style of outfit?

Working out in the men's section of the gym?

Talking out loud about politics or world events?

Sharing a vulnerable story to connect?

Taking a leap of faith into a new direction with a side hustle or business venture?

I know I've said it way too many times, but please stop letting FEAR hold you back from living your life all out. 

Whatever it is you’re permitting yourself to do, I want you to say it out loud… PERMISSION GRANTED!

Here’s a sweet recipe… I know you you'll love them. My boyfriend decided to eat three back to back when I first made them (so they must be kinda good ;) )



Zero permission needed to devour these babies!

Hope you have a great Monday!

Jess &  Cruz