Nutty Energy Bars

arbonne protein recipe recipe

Hey, Beauties...

It's the ninth of the month but I want to celebrate the close of last month - because on the 28th of February my bestfriend hit RVP on my bon team! This is a pretty big deal, only 2% reach this level so I'm beyond excited for her and so happy she turned her "heck no" that she once said to me around to a "yes". Doing business with your friends is literally the best - I actually became friends with her through work a few years back.

We met at a business coaching retreat and then fell in love shortly after - it was her bathroom in Rhode Island where I peed on a pregnancy test that told me I'd be having Cruz. It was both of our pregnancy journeys that led us to Arbonne and I'm so grateful they did.

If you are sitting here reading this wishing  to have that type of social circle or connection with others - just know that it exists but that you will ONLY find it once YOU are living in alignment. Are you showing up? Are you stepping into discomfort? Are you living for YOU?

Being surrounded by like-minded individuals who give you a hefty push when you're stuck, will pull you through if needed but cheer for you so loudly when you succeed is something everyone should experience. Love you Ash!

So, to top up my sweetness let me share with you yet another protein-rich recipe...

Nutty chocolatey goodness in every bite...

This energy bar will surely make your energy pump up. Until the next one!

Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday - I'm off to lead a few trainings for work tonight. 

Jess &  Cruz

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