Watermelon FIZZ and a New Fun Summer Treat!

arbonne recipe summer watermelon

Watermelon Fizz just launched for July and the hype is real. I drove to my girlfriend Carly's yesterday just to taste it... well I mean, I wanted to see her too haha. You know those watermelon candies you get at the convenience stores? It tastes just like that! Unreal!

Grab yours here before they sell out - and yes, they will sell out! Low stock is already happening! The hype is real.

Summer is here... kinda

Can you believe we're full-throttle into summer now? The days are longer, and our appetites are leaning towards all things light and fruity, except the weather is the worst! At least here in BC it has not been that great. I'm still in summer mode though, maybe it's the muggy heat but I'm craving all things light, fruity and crispy. Anyone else?

I use Arbonne's vegan protein powder. It's packed with 20 grams of pea, rice and cranberry protein and it's got 16 added vitamins and minerals! I've been using it every single day since the beginning stages of my pregnancy and pretty sure I'm crazy about every product of theirs. If you want to check out some of my fav products from them check out my little blog style page I created with my favs! Read more here.

Are you in the Progress Project?

If you are we are doing a live workout meet up this coming Monday! All the details are inside our facebook group. Come hang out with us, get sweaty and curse my name in the flesh haha.

If you aren't a member yet and want to learn more check out all the details on my site under "programs" ... plus all memberships and programs are on sale until July 5th! Use code JULY at check out.



Jess & Cruz....xo