JNP 36: Hate Your Stomach? Always Quit on Yourself? Real Talk with Reann!

podcasts Nov 12, 2019

Reann one of the hardest working mamas I know. When she came to me it was to tell me she was quitting on herself AFTER JUST JOINING. But then, something happened, she decided not to quit. She then went on to change how she viewed her postpartum bod, how she lived her life, and most of all she fell back in love with life (and herself).

Tune in to hear her wild ride and how her transformation landed her $1,000 CASH from our last transformation challenge! To follow along with her journey you can find her @ray_raysfitnessjourney

P.S. if you listened to the beginning of the podcast where I shared my newest obsession then you can pick up your own bars here

Link: http://bit.ly/33FPIuj


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