Introverted Ways Mixed w/ Some Self-Love


Hello November! I seriously am obsessed with the autumn season – everything from the leaves, the air, the snuggle seasons to keep warm, just all of it. I kind of feel like the colder weather already brings people indoors more, but the preggo gal definitely wants to hibernate on the daily.

Up until this pregnancy I always considered myself to be an ambivert – someone who had characteristics of both an extrovert and an introvert. I loved getting recharged with others and doing group activities, but now, the thought of a group bigger than 3 turns me off and has be running for my bed. It’s so strange how we change.

At first I felt bad, like I was neglecting my friends. Texts take more energy, phone calls seem draining, going out is a chore, and the last thing I want to do is give others my energy when I’m trying to use what I’ve got for work and my relationship. I’ve realized it’s a season, or at least I hope, and I’m not going to feel one ounce bad. People can understand, or they can choose not to. I’m at the point in my life where I’m 100% okay with expressing my boundaries and having people walk away if they have higher expectations for our friendship.

But the best part of all this introverted-ness if that I’m doing more for me then I ever have. I’m reading on the daily again. I’m downloading audio books, and podcasts and ensuring I spend my mornings listening to something that lights me up, whereas before this was always my time slot for Facetimes with my friends. I’m packing, organizing, planning and doing all the Pinteresting as we sell my place and renovate his. So much is going on and I’m embracing all the selfishness.

Anyhow I wanted to share my 5 ways I’ve been really pushing self-care and self-love into my life this past month and hopefully inspire you to get on board with me!

1. Spa Time

I hadn’t booked a facial in YEARS, literally years! I got so wrapped up in other life that I’d whip on a facial mask at home once a month and hope it did wonders. But, I was really missing a good facial that sucked out all the impurities, and in all honestly brought some life back to this preggo dry skin of mine.

I’d been watching a lot of the specials happening at a local spa and decided to go for it. I opted for the hydraplaning facial, which is a lot less relaxing but with a ton more benefits to my skin. It literally scrapes away the dead skin and fuzz, then sucks out the impurities, injects antioxidant serums and made me walk out with a whole new glow. If you are local I highly recommend you giving them a go – the company is called Lift and they are running a special on till the rest of their year where you get both the hydra facial plus dermaplaning PLUS a free tinted sunscreen moisturzier for $199. Steal! Just mention “Alumier” when you call so you can get that freebie moisturizer!

Check them out here:

2. Unf*ck Yourself

This was one of the audio books I listened to this past month and can’t rave about it enough. From his European accent to his unfiltered approach to live your life, this is a book I highly recommend for everyone. He will straight up tell you everything you need to hear to get you from a pitty party to a progress party in no time.

You can get it on paperback here if you aren’t into audible books.

3. Pregnancy Massage

This was an attempt to relieve my back pain that has decided to become more excruciating as the baby grows daily. My best friend, Janelle, works out of Langley Massage Therapy and I decided to splurge for an hour and invest in my health. It felt amazing but unfortunately it didn’t do the trick and back to the head pads I went. Some things are all just trial and error.

4. Sporadic Date Days

I kinda got in a funk and just felt like everyday was consumed with so much work, then topped with moving tasks, and then sprinkled with hormones. I craved a “let loose” day, sober of course, but one without an agenda. So, we made it happen and promised to do it more often. We found a brand new place to eat brunch, picked pumpkins, tried to find new clothes for the growing bump, hunted for new furniture pieces and ended the day we our feet up and pizza boxes on each of our laps. It was glorious!

5. Goal Setting

To say I was starting to feel super overwhelmed by life is an understatement. While being preggo I decided to take on massive shifts in my business that would scare me without all the hormones. So I got out the paper, the journals, and I committed to daily tasks to complete what should take me months to 3 weeks. I put a ton of pressure on myself to get it done but it worked, and I’ve been feeling so confident in getting it done and making it happen. I think goals and pressure is what so many of us NEED when we feel lost or out of control, it gives us structure yet it’s the last thing we want to do in that moment. Get to the goals people. I went and bought a new 2020 planner from Chapters (on sale, bonus!) and started to amp myself up for the new year instead of letting the overwhelm take over. It’s the little things like a blush pink planner that can bring so much easy joy into my life.


Alright, so there ya have it. If you made it to this point, congrats! It was more like a diary entry, slash release with a few pointers but hopefully it helped you in some way, shape, or form.


In a few days I’m going to be dropping a whole weeks worth of plant based smoothie concoctions! All new recipes that I’ve never made – and all ones that I know you are going to want in your tummy!

I’ve been using the Arbonne plant based protein line during my pregnancy and still absolutely love it – check it out HERE.


See ya soon beautiful,

Jess…and the mini hot tamale! XO