FREE Workout and a Smoothie Recipe

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Happy Saturday, Beauties!

It's the freakin' long weekend baby! I keep getting asked what I'm doing and to be honest for the first time ever I get it when my mama friends would say they didn't even know it was one... I clearly didn't either. But as a work from home mamaprenuer it kinda just all rolls together.

After I finish up work today I'm throwing Cruz on my back and going to go hike a more difficult mountain today with him and dad... wish my glutes good luck haha.

I'm trying to prep myself cause next weekend I booked a few nights in Whistler to take this little gem on a hiking trip with me and a dang excited! Dad is going away on a hunting trip for two weeks so this mama made some fun plans while he's away.

But here's what I was thinking... that you might just want a fun new routine to try out at the gym this weekend. It's been a hot minute since I threw a gym workout your way...

This baby is going to be a spicy one for your back. We're mixing sets of heavy lifting with a high-intensity finisher...get ready to sweat!

P.S. If you've been on the fence about joining our shenanigans for a while, get on it with us cause next weekend we are all meeting up on Sunday to climb a mountain together and pop champagne at the top!

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Oh, and for the after...

The Perfect Post-Workout Smoothie

You guys know me - you know I love sharing my concoctions. This one hits the spot if you are looking to switch up the regular recipe of yours. I'm the girl who could definitely have a chocolate chunky monkey recipe everyday and I really only switch it up to get different nutrients in me... and this one is packed with just that.

You can pick up some protein powder using this link and if you grab anything with my link make sure you let me know so I can send you some recipe books ;).

Enjoy your weekend and have fun...make some memories and smile while you still have teeth!

Jess & Cruz...xo