Do you fear calories? She sure did...

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Hello beautiful!

Today I want to share a story with you all, it's about my best friend Zofia.

If you are someone who struggles to understand how people achieve FREEDOM WITH FOOD - keep on a readin'...

This is Zofia, many of you might already know her. She's been my sidekick since we were 14, but it wasn't until 14 weeks ago that she finally let go.

Let go of her obsession with numbers, counting calories, measuring her food, and stepping on the scale to determine her worth.

Her obsession is understandable, and so normal in today's society - maybe you can relate?

The thing is, she has lost over 110lbs!! She has worked so hard to lose every one of those pounds too! So that obsession to think she needs to rely on numbers for the rest of her life, was something she just thought she had to live with for FOREVER.

We actually talked a lot about this on a podcast that was released a few weeks ago... which you can tune into after reading this email.

 Listen in here!

Carbs, Carbs, Baby!

Or I guess I should say, cheese, cheese, baby! Zof's love language is food, specifically cheese, and all the carbs that go with the cheese.

So in order to make her calories work she'd often eat these zero calorie foods, sugar free drinks, and chemical induced foods that were lower in points (calories) so she could eat the higher calorie foods without going over her daily limits.

Can other people relate to this?

Perhaps yours in the 13 pump sugar free latte with non fat milk that you have told yourself is "healthy"?

"Fine, just tell me what to do and I'll try it!"

I don't know if she was at her breaking point, or because she had hit what she thought was a plateau but she finally agreed to listen to me and TRUST my madness.

We started with her joining my coaching program, The Progress Project, where she actually did the mindset modules, watched the beginner intuitive eating videos, and started doing my crazy workouts all on her own.

Next, I made her stop drinking all these sugar free bullsh*t foods, swapped her coffee/caffeine addiction to fizz, and got her focusing on this one key concept more....

How is this food serving your body?

This is a concept so far removed from our culture now.

People constantly ask me, "but how many calories does that have?", "there's sugar in fruit, isn't that bad?", "how can you eat all of that and not gain weight?".

Want to know the big ol' secret?

I FOCUS on the nutrients I feed my body MORE than I focus on how many calories I am consuming.

I FOCUS on how nutrients make me FEEL more than how their calories measure up.

I simply have a focus that is unrelated to numbers.

But, how many calories am I eating?

Quite honestly, I have zero clue. That's the beauty in intuitive eating. You begin listening to your natural hunger cues, you begin honoring your hunger, and you stop restricting.

When you can do this you will watch your relationship with food change drastically.

Not only that but your health will improve like never before. Imagine how happy your gut would be if you simply started giving it whole foods, fruits, and antioxidants for breakfast instead of the diet sandwich and chemical latte every morning!

 "How do I do this?"

Let's dig into how to get you to this place too...Zofia is just one of hundreds that I've coached to do this. It's not miracle work, although I kinda think it is! ;)


Learning how to eat intuitively is a PROCESS, it won't be flawless or perfect - but it will work if you put in the work!

Step 1: learn about nutrition.

But really, learn about it. If you have zero idea of what your ideal calories should be at for YOU then start there. Use a free macro calculator on a website, I use this one with my clients.

These claories may be way over or way under what you are currently eating. That's okay. Work on understanding them, how to make them up and what real food calories look like in terms of serving sizes, portions, etc.

If you are already an avid counter and know all of this, move onto step #2!

Step 2: reject the diet mentality!

You are not on a diet anymore. From this point forward you are eating. Eating for your body, not to align your calories with an app!

This also means no longer labelling food as "good" or "bad".

Step 3: honor your hunger!

This means eating when you are hungry, but also... stopping when you are full. This will aid in stopping your cycles of sabotage as well ;).

Step 4: heal your relationship with food!

This is a biggie, and wow can it be hard to do but so doable! Many of us have the relationship we do with food because it was formed in our early years. Whether we were rewarded/scolded with food, restricted, labelled or bullied with food - this impacted our formed relationship with food.

Step 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, etc...

There are many steps that form up to be the Intuitive Eating blue print but I don't want to overwhelm you here and make this email 10 pages, just a simple 3 LOL. 

So for now, start with 1. Start understanding food. Making food a priority in a new way. Through prepping meals, Making food that serves you with nutrients. Listening to your hunger cues!


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I hope you realize that it IS possible to regain your health, heal your relationship with food and eat without restrictions!

If you have any questions whatsoever, please message me.

Whether it's help understanding what to do, what program would be best or what supplements could benefit you.

Well, that's it from me for now...

With love,

Jess and the mini hot tamale! XO