The Beginning Step of My Explant Journey

explant explant journey

I'm officially an A cup already (and loving it) but haven't had my surgery yet...hold on, I'm about to explain.

If you missed my story on why I'm explanting you can read it here.

Yesterday I put up a post explaining that two weeks ago I had my implants drained but didn't share this with my social for a few reasons which I get into below, but I just want to preface that this is not to influence anyone to go my route but simply to share my journey.

I had originally booked this explant surgery with a different doctor and was going to get a very invasive surgery called an "en bloc". This procedure is very common for those experiencing breast implant illness. Due to the complexity of this surgery there were many reasons I decided to opt out but mainly because I didn't want to put my body through what I, and my surgeon, saw as unnecessary surgery when I could do a traditional explant surgery.

During my consultation I explained to my doctor how I was on the fence as to whether I wanted to get a lift. Of course there is no true way of knowing this beforehand, however he did some skin measurements and determined that I most likely wouldn't need one. He then offered to do the drain procedure. I had never heard of this but essentially what happens is during your pre op appointment the surgeon inserts a needle with a syringe into each implant to drain the fluid. This would give me 4 weeks to allow my skin to retract and for me to assess whether or not I would want a lift.

After I decided this was what I wanted to do I shared my plan on social media. Just like I do with many parts of my life. But it was hard. I was hit with more messages than I could read all creating fear around my decision. These were mainly from women who had the en bloc procedure done and most who experienced BII. I completely understand where they are coming from but at the end of the day I made the decision that was best for me - removing my implants in the least invasive way possible.

I am so happy I did the drain as I now know exactly what I will look like post surgery and I'm so happy. I'm thankful for great skin and a healthy lifestyle that has most definitely aided in this result.

My official appointment for my surgery is on December 1st! I'm all sorts of emotions but mainly excited. I have no fears as to body acceptance issues which actually blows my mind. You have no idea how thrilled I am to be in a place of complete love and acceptance of my real body.

The recovery journey is going to be a bit rough and I won't be working out for quite some time but the hardest part is knowing I can't pick up Cruz immediately and play with him.

But hopefully I will be feeling like myself again come Christmas.

Speaking of that.... I started my Christmas shopping last month *I know I'm loco and genius* and I also made these wicked girlfriend gift boxes which I'm going to share with you all on my next blog post! Stay tuned!

Have a fabulous day beauties!

With love,

Jess & Cruz