Double Chocolatey Deliciousness: a rice krispy treat done right

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Hey beauties!

I'm about to dish you up with a real sweet recipe that you might have already seen on my Instagram but wanted to make a home for it on my website too.

But first, story time.

When I'm writing this is Thursday night at 9:35pm and both the boys are fast asleep (Cruz in his crib and Dad snoring away beside me).  Lately I've been doing most of my work from the time his snoring kicks in to about midnight. It's when the house is quiet, I can finally think and I'm snuggled up in bed. But to be clear, I would much rather be sleeping. Which is kinda what I want to chat with you guys about today...

I hear it CONSTANTLY, "I don't have time...". Girlfriend, I feel this statement to my soul but in reality it's not that I don't have time it's just either that I either do not want to MAKE time for it or that I do not see it as a priority.

There's this good ol' statement that says we just need to swap a simple "It's not a priority" infront of whatever we are saying we don't have time for and then assess how it stings coming off the tongue.

For example:

"I don't have time to workout"

"It's not a priority for me to workout"

BOOM! Ouch. Daggers, right?

And before you grab a "but" out of the but jar let me be clear - we ALL can make time for the shit that is really important to us.

Pretend covid wasn't a thing right now, and your girlfriend called you up to say that you just won $10,000 to go shopping at Nordstroms tonight. Would you not rearrange your priorities and make sure you hustled your butt to get your shop on? OF COURSE you would!

So let me be super freaking clear - I did not WANT to start working tonight at 9pm after a very sleepless night last night with Cruz, but it's a PRIORITY for me to show up.

Sometimes when people begin their entreprenuerial journey they think it's going to be rainbows and butterflies. It's not. But let me say that I wouldn't trade it in for the 9-5 for any amount of money - I LOVE that I get to work from my underwear, and cuddle my baby whenever I want, and not have to deal with a "boss". But, it also means owning my shit, putting in the work and I often say, "no" to more fun occasions than I did when I worked that traditional job. But I truly believe that these sacrifices will continue to pay off.

I'm a big dreamer, and also a big me and entreprenuershp get along good.

But if you are reading this right now and wondering whether or not you should take on that side hustle, or quit that job of yours to work from home, or do whatever would be required of you to step into some fear - DO IT.

You guys, it's always going to be worth it but please know that the work you put in makes it worth it.

Alright... now onto the sweetness of this recipe that went semi viral on my IG - the most re shares I've literally ever had - so you know it's gotta be good!

Are you already drooling?

Perfect, head to your kitchen and whip these babies up. Here are the deets:

Watch me whip up this delish recipe on my Insta here.

For the protein I use shop here, and make sure to let me know if you grab any so I can send you my recipe books and say “thanks”!

Also if you are already a PC of mine make sure you are in my new Facebook group I made - it's just an easy place for me to share wicked new recipes, books and fun shenanigans along the way.

Happy Friday beauties!

Jess & Cruz...xo