Coffee Protein Granola Bars

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Yesterday as we scurried to get out of the house by 9am I shoved four of these sweet and savoury protein squares into a tupperware and hopped in the truck. As we drove to Fort Langley for family photos we both shoved these into our hungry mouths to tie us over until after the shoot. By the way, the shoot went amazing, peep my fav little photo of me and my bestfriend below.

I just can't with him, he melts my heart in new ways everyday and yesterday he took his first two steps and despite his dad saying they don't count - I'm counting them LOL.

But let's get back to why you are all here...

These Coffee Protein Granola Bars

If you can't tell, I can't get enough of this coffee protein powder. It's so creamy, delicous and....sold out in Canada. So if you are reading this run to grab it before it's gone for good. Us Canadians scooped out the entire stock way too fast and now it's gone for good. Grab yours here -

And this is just one of the little creations I've made with it. If you don't have coffee just swap for any flavor of Arbonne's decliousness vegan proteins.

Need more direction? Watch me whip up this recipe in my But First, Fizz private FB group! If you've ever grabbed anything Arbonne and supported me through shopping my link, please join - it's my little place to give back, say thanks and dish you up with recipes!

Jess & Cruz...xo