Bumpin' Bodies is HERE - plus a sweet treat recipe!

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Hey, babes!

This Wednesday, I'm launching my brand spanking new guide, Bumpin' Bodies. It's long overdue but it's here! Truth be told, I anticipated having this out and ready by April, a mere two weeks after Cruz's arrival. Jokes on me haha... but honestly I beat myself up for it momentarily and then realized that I am the only one putting these timelines on myself and the only one pressuring myself. I released the pressure, gave myself grace and here we are.

So what's it all about? It's basically the guide that most women came to me saying the wish they had. My style of workouts but with less high (crazy) intensity so that they are pregnancy approved, but don't worry I still bring the heat. Oh, and they are home approved because I sure wasn't into heading to the gym most days of my pregnancy. I wanted to get my workouts in while being in solitude and without all the small talk about how big I was or wasn't getting.

It's also got the mindset chats with me, and with these I get real about the struggles I went through personally and what were the most commonly talked about areas I found throughout my trimesters.

And the nutrition piece. The piece that most over complicate and give up on when in reality it's so dang simple. We as humans like to make things harder on ourselves than they need to be. So I brought on a registered dietitian, Jessica Roocroft, and shared my personal meals and sample weekly meal plan.

We've also got a ton of extras like having Lacey Forsyth from Bump Studios come on and chat about pelvic floor health from a physiotherapist's perspective.

Bottom line....it's a pregnancy wellness program that is designed to help women enter and exit pregnancy with body confidence and strength. 

Oh, and those workouts require minimal equipment: dumbbells, aerobic stepper, resistance tubes and bands and a swiss exercise ball. That's it!

I'm going to do doing a wicked little early bird sale for the first 7 days, which means you can get this guide at 20% off for the first week.

Regular Pricing: $97usd

Early Bird Pricing: $77.60

Now for a tasty little treat...

This bombastic smoothie is loaded with protein without sacrificing flavor. And the little citrus punch complements the tangy raspberries perfectly. What better way than to celebrate the launch of summer?

Click here to shop protein powders and message me if you have any questions.

Enjoy, stay cool, and keep your eyes open for the Wednesday launch of Bumpin' Bodies!

-Jess & Cruz...xo