This Baby Got Showered! Read for details...

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Hi Beauties! Here's all things baby shower related!

Moment of honesty, I did not want a shower. Like at all. Despite being the girl on social media, the last thing I love is in person attention all focused around me! I don't do birthdays, we all know how I feel about Christmas... but here's to change.

And celebrating more than me!

But, there was zero way I was allowing people to be put out to host and create a shower for me. So I went to town with ideas and then gave a couple of my besties some tasks to help with. Side note: how amazing is this sign board at the entrance that Julie made for us?

I had so many cute ideas from wineries, to vintage tea shops but after receiving the astronomical quotes I settled for my old amenities room (without ever even seeing it), but at $25 for the rental, I'd say I was sold haha. In my mind, this left for play room for decorations, party favors and wine!

I did what every girl does and scoured Pinterest and fell in love with green grass walls, big balloon arches and the whole sha-bang. Ready for another downfall? Those rentals, for a simple green wall and an arch of balloons were quoted at $650+ (for a rental)!!

I mean, I'm not overly frugal but I kind of thought this was ludicrous! So here we go, I'm about to dish up how I went about creating a pretty dang cute baby shower on a budget.

My theme: I wanted it to feel light and airy, with whites and touches of nature (wood grains, real flowers, and wooden crates).

My colors: gold and whites - no blues here ;).

I started with the balloons first and went from there! I found some on a wedding site but these are slightly cheaper and the exact same color theme and balloon count: click here for balloons!

Next up, I made some customized napkins and party favor tags for the mini bottles of champagne using a wedding store online. It was extremely affordable and added that customized touch! Click here to design your own!

I called up our local wine store and asked for pricing on 30+ mini bottles, which they were more than accommodating to discount due to the large order. Next, I simply hole punched the top right hand corner and attached using ribbon from the dollar store.

I also ordered cheap white table clothes and burlap table runners to make the tables have a rustic nature vibe. Just like these ones! I cut them to the length that I desired and for the longer tables I tied a quick bow in the middle, super easy but cute touch!

I then topped the tables with classic mason jars and ordered a few bunches of baby's breath and two dozen white gerbers (my mom's favorite) from Triple Tree (our local nursery). We tied broke apart the batches and created our own little mini boquets and scattered them throughout the entire shower. Loved this vibe!

I purchased a couple wooden crates from Home Depot for under $10 each to use as stands, creating different elevations to the tables and to place party favors and games inside of!

The other plants are artificial and borrowed from friend's homes! Super affordable option is to simply bring things from your home that you love.

As for the food, my friends divided up some of this work. Carly was in charge of the "momosa" bar which included champagne, 3 juice variations and fruits placed into mason jars. Janelle brought the fruit and vegetable platters. Zofia made a charcuterie board and finger sandwiches. And my mother-in-law made hot tamales (how freakin' cute!). I then completed it off with chocolate nut mixes placed throughout, a candy bar station (I also borrowed these tiny jars from a friend), and the classics like chips & dip.

And for the cake, I decided that it was not necessary to have some fancy cake made that no one eats because those fancy ones never taste good anyhow. So I got Save-On (our local grocer) to make a few dozen classic vanilla on vanilla cupcakes. Carly then had mini hearts made with a cricket machine and some stock glitter from Michael's craft store. With some super glute, little wooden sticks from the dollar store, these cupcakes looks glam and oh' so cute!

Two things I dreaded about having a shower: opening gifts in front of everyone and the baby games! I don't know about you but trying not to say the word "baby" is just not fun for me haha. So I did a wine chugging contest using baby bottles (borrowed from a friend), guess the size of my belly with yarn, and a classic word scramble (all of which were rewarded with bottles of wine as the gifts)!

I used Canva to create the signs for the table of games and had them printed for less than $1 at Staples. I then placed the sayings into old picture frames from my home.

Another cute idea was to have everyone write a funny saying or message on the diapers for us in our early parenthood days!

Oh, and I didn't open the presents there, it saved so much time and allowed me to socialize instead of ripping apart wrapping paper for hours.

My dress was not a maternity dress - it was a pre pregnancy dress I purchased that was a last minute decision when I had a hissy fit at the mall and literally couldn't find a single dress that didn't drown me or turn me into a frumpy looking frog. It's a few years old but a similar style would be this one here!

And that pretty much sums it up! Now, it's go time! I'll be patiently awaiting the baby's arrival while frantically trying to get as much work done as possible!

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us during this next chapter in our lives! We love and appreciate you so much!

-Jess...and the mini hot tamale! XO