My Mini's Baby Room Reveal: all the nursery details

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Hi beauties!

Full disclosure... this is my second time writing this blog and I'm not a happy camper about it lol. Me and technology often get into little fights and when I swiped my finger across  my mac mouse pad this morning and it magically erased three hours of typing, linking and attaching photos I wanted to cry.

So let's do this all over again, while hitting the "save" button every 43 seconds.

It should be prefaced that while my friends call me a "scrooge" for not loving anything animated..and holiday related I feel like it's slightly justified. I didn't really grow up in the house where we watched cartoons, heck we didn't even have cable. We didn't go to Disney Land, and I guess I just didn't really believe in magic. So now, as an adult I'm filled with perhaps some resentment from my childhood and that's mixed up with this stubbornness to allow my mind to enjoy fantasy realms and everything non reality based.

So when it came to us realizing we needed to create a baby room I knew right away that it wasn't going to be filled with cartoon characters and animated toys. I wanted cozy, warm, rustic and I really wanted to bring in his Dad's passion for hunting and the wilderness. So that's just what we did.

It all started with the crib and I ran with ideas from there...

The Crib

When Dad's best friend told me to pick out my dream crib I was in heaven (thank you Reece & Kristen). I had so much fun picking out our very first piece for the room and ended up picking a really wicked piece that's convertible in 4 ways post newborn stage. And what I loved most... it's manly and will easily transition into different ages of life without the infant feel.

Shop this crib here.

The Quotes

These picture frames have been asked about so much already, which makes me so dang happy because it was something we created together for the room. I had these old Ikea white frames from my old house and then I put these lyrics into a work program I use called Canva, had them printed onto poster board at Staples and wah-la.

The lyrics are from "Wildflowers" by Tom Petty, picked out by dad!

The Bedding

I reached out to Evergreen Baby, a local mama business, and decided to make a custom look for my nursery. I loved this cross pattern which was classic, clean with some edginess to it. I also had a throw pillow cover made, along with a change table cover (to come). All of her fabrics are unreal quality, plus they are 100% organic cotton and created without the use of chemicals in their dye process.

Whether you want the most delicious swaddles, crib bedding or sheets I highly suggest checking her local business out. You can use the code JESS15 to save 15% on your order (custom or not) too!

Shop Evergreen Baby Here

The Dresser

I went with the matching dresser to the crib to create some flow in this small space. I also liked that it was large and would transition good into his older years as well! I'm happy I went with a 6 drawer because I filled it up within seconds. I used cheap little drawer organizers from Ikea to keep it all separated in there too, which helped to have some method to the madness of new mamahood.

Shop this dresser here

 The Mirror

I have never owned one of these little rounded mirrors but always loved them when I'd see them in pictures! Also, I really just didn't have the room for a full length in this space and now I'm going to avoid a ton of finger prints haha. I went with a brassy gold to add some warmth to the space through simple detailing.

Shop this mirror here

The Chair of all Chairs

This was probably one of the things I spent the most time researching. I wanted comfort over everything as I know me and Dad are going to be spending a lot of hours in this baby. I also didn't want to spend a fortune on it. Oh, and to top it off I wanted it to be classic and easily used in a media room or living room post baby! Wah-la! I checked it all off and this reclining, rocker and glider is so soft and comfortable.

Shop this chair here

The Ladder

This was another product that I had made from a local mama, who owns IMake.It, and it turned out perfect for his little room. I am a blanket collector, seriously! So I knew I'd end up buying a ton of the softest blankets, whether they be furry or receiving) and I wanted a fun way of displaying them. Turns out, I haven't bought one but have collected about 30 as gifts. My fav one being this cognac one that Grandma knit him!

You can grab your own wooden ladder, or the cutest "little helper" toddler kitchen stools all on her site! Plus, she's offering $35 off the ladders until the end of February if you mention my name on your order.

Check her out here

The Rug

Rugs and carpets are literally the only thing that me and Dad didn't agree upon. I won this battle haha. I freakin' love this plaid combo in this space and feel like it brings in so much warmth and all the rustic vibes! I spent awhile trying to find one that didn't cost me hundreds upon hundreds (why are rugs so dang expensive).

Shop this rug here

The Closet

This room was previously Dad's hunting room so not only did we gut the entire room but we also removed the old wire closet system that was in there and decided on an "open closet concept". Originally we planned on custom but the investment didn't seem realistic when this wasn't our forever home.

I grabbed this easy closet system for under $300 including all the baskets. The shelving system was from Home Depot, the baskets are from Canadian Tire, and the crates at the bottom are also from Home Depot. I decided on using baskets (mixing black and wood) to store a ton of stuff in a rustic way that turned out a lot cheaper than plastic storage bins!

Side Table

This was a DIY that turned out awesome! It's an old side table I got in my early twenties that we painted white, distressed a bit with sandpaper and with a few knobs found on Amazon - we were in business!

The lamp was harder to find than I expected but I ended up finding this one on Amazon as well!

And for now, the only picture I have of him sits in a frame!

The Accessories

The elk head, well that's real and it's the touch of Dad in the room that I've grown quite fond of!

The shelves are basic white floating shelves with classic black anchors, all of which were found at our local hardware shop for relatively cheap!


I got a pretty classic (and cheap) curtain rod from Amazon, and also found these black out curtains on there too. I went with a grainy wood color for the curtains to bring warmth to the room.

The letter board was something I grabbed off of Amazon early in my pregnancy as a cute way to make memory boards during my trimesters and into my mama-hood with him.

Oh and these Vans were something I got for Dad early in our pregnancy. He wanted the smallest possible Vans that he could hang from his mirror once he had outgrown them! I got these ones here!

The stuffed animals have all been gifts from loved ones, and that wooden weiner dog was one of Dad's birthday gifts! He so badly wants a weiner dog, to which I'm saying "heck no" to at this point in our lives, so I settled on this vintage pull toy I found at Maple Ridge Florist!

I seriously love his little room and can't wait for him to be in it already... I never thought the day would come where we said we are "ready" but we are. We feel READY! 

Let me know if you have any questions that weren't answered here.

With love,

Jess and the mini hot tamale! xo