Chocolate "Adult" Rice Krispy Squares

chocolate recipe rice krispy

Hey girl, hey!!

I spent my solo Friday night in working (fuelled by the latest Citrus fizz of course), made this recipe, forced my butt onto the treadmill to just MOVE, follow up with laundry, ordering in sushi except I ordered it to the wrong house, quick road trip to Pitt Meadows to grab it, and a little rom com called "Love is in the air" on netflix.

Wow - that was the longest run on sentence but I'm too tired to make it work any other way haha. Link to my reel that has video footage of the night in but also making this recipe here.

The rice krispy squares are for us... this recipe is one that is super rich, decadent and hits the spot for all the chocolate cravings. You are going to want to make this right now.

And, I decided to pre package little single serving and freeze them to aid in my self control but also so they don't go bad. Such a perfect treat to make on your next girl's nights in too!

Link to the chocolate protein used here - literally the best ever!

Hope you guys enjoy this one.

Love, Jess XO