Double Chocolate Energy Protein Balls

energy balls protein balls


If you've watched my social stories you know that lately Cruz's fav thing to make is "chocolate balls" aka protein balls using the creamiest delicious vegan protein powder. And I think every mama is like, okay if I could get my kids to eat something like this I'm winning... or just me? Haha, cause I love it. He eats 1-2 for a little snack and curbs his desire for a treat while this mama feels good about the nutrients he's consuming.

We often switch up the recipe and this one had a few more ingredients in it to pack more of a calorie punch - I just had two before my workout today and it kept me feeling good for my entire workout (along with fizz haha).


So here's the details...

Here's a quick link to the chocolate protein powder we use.

What I LOOOVE about Arbonne is that it's certified vegan (easier to digest), it's a complete protein, has all amino acids, contains creamy avocado oil and a diverse protein blend + over 20 vitamins and minerals per serving. Every product follows the European Standards which also leaves me feeling good about sharing my goods with Cruzer!

I hope you love it, and if you do shop through my link make sure to message me so I can send you a recipe book and get you inside the Healthy Habits Club with me for workouts, nutrition, mindset and more!

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Love, Jess XO