Tropical Mexican Salad


Hey You!

You guys, we took Cruz on a horse back riding lesson earlier tonight and my heart was melting, the cutest thing ever, I'll attach a photo. He said, "neigh" all day in excitement, then cried like crazy when the lesson ended. Just needed to share this cute mom moment with you all!

This salad- so good! I ended up having it 3 nights this past week cause I made way too much but also cause it was freaking delicious!

I went on a salad kick craving last Sunday when I was planning out my meals and decided to make three new variations this week to spruce things up in the kitchen. So this, is the first of 3 of them to come to you...

Ever since running The Healthy Habits Club I've raised the creativity bar and it's pushed me to keep trying new things (mainly so I can keep dishing up fun new recipes for everyone to try). 

Let's dive into the details...


  1. Fry lean ground beef in seasoning of choice (I used a random healthier taco spice) with a little bit of olive oil, then drained and set aside on some paper towels to remove excess oils.
  2. Cook quinoa and set aside (allow to cool before putting salad together).
  3. Chop vegetables, I used about 4 large peppers, 1/4 of a red onion, a dozen or so cherry tomatoes, cilantro, then topped with fresh chopped mango and pineapple.
  4. Squeeze fresh lime juice and toss salad together with beef and quinoa.
  5. For dressing you could use a fresh salsa, I used the Bolthouse Salsa Ranch dressing - its one of my favs!!

If you are making a large portion like I did, I kept my meat and quinoa in separate containers from the veg mixture to keep things for crisp.

Hope you all enjoy this one!

Love Jess & Cruz..xo