The F*ck It Mentality – 3 Tips To Triumph Over It

The “F*ck It” Mentality & 3 Tips To Triumph Over It 

-by Jess Nourishes featured guest blogger



The “F*ck It” Mentality…or more politely called the “ALL OR NOTHING TRAP” is something I see in my practice all the time unfortunately.

Say we eat a meal, and it wasn’t the healthiest choice. If at that point we say “F&!% it! I might as well eat whatever the heck else because I’ve already ‘ruined’ my eating for today”; that is the “F*%# It” mentality!

Or maybe the day got away from us, and the hour we had to get our booty to the gym shrivelled down to only 15 minutes. If we choose to give up the idea of exercising that day, as opposed to blasting out a 15-minute HIIT circuit, yep, you guessed it my friend: that’s the “F*%# It” mentality biting you in the booty.


Here are 3 of my FAVE Tips to say Bye Felicia! to the “F*ck It” Mentality and keep you kicking ass and taking names: 


1- Make this your new mantra: “Every meal or snack is an opportunity to nourish my body REGARDLESS of what foods I ate before it”. 

This way we mentally start practicing letting go of any guilt for eating any food (that day, that week, that year), and moving forward, by choosing to fill our plates with nutrient dense, whole foods at the next meal. Eventually it becomes second nature to fill our plates with nutritious food because, intuitively, our bodies know what will make it run best.


2. Avoid getting caught with your pants down (AKA: HANGRY, & having no food with you, while you’re out and about)!

The other day I was literally in my car ready to make an epic Costco run, and I realized I was just starting to feel my hunger cues spark up. Rather than rocking out my “hangry” while roaming around the massive formats of chocolate bars, pastries (and of course, that hot dog/fast food stand they have at every Costco, preying on the weary, hangry, value-seekers) I went right back into my house to mow down leftover pasta. 

It is a survival mechanism taking over our food choices when we attempt to “do life” on fumes. We are far more likely to choose healthier options when we aren’t hangry. Period. So eat before you leave the house, keep a protein ball (see my recipes!) or some trail mix in the car, and PUHLEASE don’t “save your appetite” for that restaurant dinner or party by starving yourself all day. That makes the calamari, or chips & dip bowl not only appetizing, but NECESSARY FOR SURVIVAL.


3. Meal prep, meal prep, meal prep!

If the thought intimidates you, just start by getting a good run in at the grocery store on your day off. I.e. put whole foods in your fridge & cupboard. The fact is we are far better at nourishing ourselves when we have healthy, tasty foods, readily available at home, or to pack up on the go.

Start by dicing just one vegetable to keep in the fridge to snack on, or to have as a side for dinner the next day. 

Maybe wash some fresh berries, and portion them in 3 containers to be a part of your next 3 days’ lunches.

Portion out some nuts into containers, or hard boil eggs, or slice up some delicious cheese for fast grab & go protein sources for the next few days.

Look at the calendar for the week coming up: gotta busy night somewhere? Make double the dinner the night before so you don’t need to cook the next night. Or use a slow cooker so its ready when you are!

For MORE meal prep ideas hit up my Instagram @jess_nourishes 

Before I sign off I need to emphasize that: Eating and exercise are not, and should never be, perfect! There should be a lil’ room for calamari and chips & dip in our lives! 

Changing our eating and exercise habits to become intuitive however, can take time. The process is anything but a straight line…but by knowing how to side-step traps like “F&!% It” mentality, anyone can get there! 

So next time you see Mr. “F&!% It” mentality in the rearview, tell  it “not today son!”, hit your RESET button, and make a plan to make you your healthiest self amongst life’s chaos. I hear it only gets busier 😉


As always, thanks for the love.