Rainbow Meatballs - more balls to spice up your life!

Hey girlfriend!

How are you doing on this fine humpday evening? I'm currently in between doing three business launches for my Arbonne babes tonight, trying not to drink wine and quickly typing this blog post up in between that (the wine is calling me).

If you caught my IG story last night I did another big ol' meatball meal prep and this recipe was probably my fav meatball one to date. We are currently doing our first 30 day nutrition challenge now where I gave my entire week meal prep with recipes twice throughout the month (other coaches shared their's for the remaining weeks) and so this little Martha was put to work in the kitchen lately.

In my first week I meal prepped three different variations of meatballs and if you've never done this for a prep idea - get on it! They are the perfect item to put on salads, pastas, vegetable pastas, rice, or just eat straight up with some dipping sauces! We got a vacuum sealer from costco and package ours into packs of 10 (5 each per serving).

If you've ever wanted to eat a ton of wicked meals in 30 days and not be put on a diet this might be the challenge for you haha... it's main focus is actually implementing the supplements into your life but then the recipes dropped and they instantly became the challenge's fav part I think!

If you were wondering what the challenge was I'll drop all the details for you, but if you are here for the rainbow balls and only that - scroll on down girlfriend! Let me know how you love the recipe if you make them too!

Challenge Details:

In a little sweet nutshell this is the ultimate "eat real food and ditch your diet" kinda challenge. There's no macro calculators, no counting calories and no stepping on scales. This is where you start using the supplements you see me using everyday on my story, reap all the benefits from them while also getting delivered wicked meal plans each week that teach you how to eat real foods (that taste awesome), with full recipes to go along with it. And we've got more perks coming in for round two, such as live cooking tutorials and some other surprise tutorials and classes.

Entry into the challenge is FREE with purchase of your Healthy Living Bundle (exclusive to PCS). So you grab yourself a bundle using my link, send me the screenshot and that's it - you are in our next challenge. The best part? Those products are back on a 100% money back guarantee for 45 days - so you really don't have anything to lose ;).

To check out more about my fav products - check out the new page I added to my website here - or go straight to my arbonne store here.

Any questions - just message me :).

Alright so how about them Rainbow Meatballs...

First things first, grab all your bright colored veg and chop them up! Feel free to add in whatever you are feelin' if you want to add more or do swaps!

Next up, add in the eggs, sauce and seasoning!

And finally, add in that meat! If you aren't dating a hunter and don't have a freezer full of elk lying around (like most of the world) toss in whatever lean ground meat you preference. 

I used a meatball scooper (which I think is a cookie scooper) to portion mine out. They are roughly 3 tbsp each and I make sure I oil up that tinfoil so they don't stick.

Pop them into the oven and bake for roughly 20 minutes or until done.

Then, place them on top of whatever side dish you fancy that evening!

I opted for spaghetti squash with a marinara sauce, and it was devine!

I usually have 5 meatballs per serving, however I got full after 4 last night and definitely didn't force myself to finish just because it was sitting in front of me (intuitive eating win!!).

Here's the recipe breakdown- hope you enjoy babe!

Until next time....Jess & Cruz. xo

ps... click here to watch my mini video on why and how I started using all things Arbonne