Naked Self Love: here I am

It’s been awhile coming now, long before that pregnancy stick turned positive and I embarked on the “mama” journey. I LOVE fitness, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes when you start your account as “the fit nut” you just feel this awkwardness sharing things outside of your niche areas.

And sure, I’ve got tons of talks, posts, and videos on mindset and self love because I’m all about that! The big main chunk of the Progress Project IS mindset and teaching women how to fall in love with themselves again… but talking about the stuff behind the scenes just didn’t feel right on my main page.

And I wanted change. I tossed around so many different handle names, then “naked self love “ came to me. This name did come to me one the mini hot tamale was growing inside of me, and it came because I KNEW I was about to jump aboard a whole new crazy ship of self love. I knew there were so many wanting to know how to navigate other parts of life outside of what that main page delivers.

I want to talk more about grief and the still existent pain and sleepless nights it brings. I want to talk about pro choice and hot topics that won’t always be loved, but to spread awareness that it’s okay to have an opinion. I want to share my highs and all of the lows, because that’s a reality… the lows.

I’ve already started to be pretty honest on that page and on my podcast about how this motherhood experience has been far different than I ever imagined as a little girl who grew up still believing in fairytales despite the abuse, chaos, and hard times life has brought on to challenge me with.

It’s kinda ironic because my very end goal, the one at the end of the line – is to share my voice and I always said, “one day I want to be a mama blogger”. While some might not see this as a final big goal, I saw it as the piece to tie it all together. To be able to change thousands of lives through my health coaching but then to be able to live out a passion, become a mom, and inspire in a whole new way.

So here I am… sharing with you all the naked self love that will make up my life.


Stay tuned for it all!

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Love… Jess and the mini hot tamale XO