My Top 6 Pregnancy Products

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Ohhh okay let’s talk everything from pregnancy constipation (it’s a common thing, let’s not be shy) to the clothes that have made me finally feel feminine in this pregnancy.

If you’ve seen my stories you’ve likely seen a few maternity purchase fails over the past few months as I tried to order “maternity” wear from many companies. Literally, not joking, some dresses looked like I stole an overweight senior’s nightgown – (ahem “Wish” hit me with their ads and I feel straight for it – buy beware).

I’m almost 6 months, tomorrow actually marks the day and every single day as I lube up my belly and feel his tiny little kicks I get a heckuva lot more excited to meet him.

So let’s start there… with the oil.

Oil Me Up, Baby!

I researched a ton of oils when I first found out I was preggo and ended up going with an Amazon oil that was really affordable, had thousands of good reviews and healthy ingredients.

I love the smell of it, it’s almost got a “fruit loop” scent which doesn’t bother me and I love how the oil actually feels. The biggest tip I would say is to apply it to wet skin for better absorption and to wait a few minutes before dressing so that the oil doesn’t stain your clothing.

Grab this same oil HERE.

Next up, the pillow that made my sleepless nights a little less sleepless.

As soon as I started complaining about my lack of sleep I had hundreds of mamas chanting at me to invest in a pillow. I had already been stuffing pillows in every which direction of my body and the weight of my boyfriend’s arm started to become all too heavy on the tummy – so enter the body pillow purchase. I looked around Amazon for awhile and this one had great reviews, multiple color options (I opted for grey) and quick delivery. I was sold.

I like to prop one side really close up against my back so that I can still sleep on my back without causing blood flow restriction.

Then we hit the snooze once in the morning and I come out of my cocoon for a quick cuddle session.

Grab this same pillow HERE.

And now for the most controversial product haha…

Keep Calm and Drink This

Another highly recommended item but one that came with equally as many warnings for usage is this magnesium supplement. It was recommended to help with restless sleeps – and I’m not sure if it’s the placebo effect or not but it has been helping me. I only take 1 tbsp versus the recommended dose as per warnings about uncontrollable bowel movements with the regular dose. I’m sure you could work your way up to that but I’m good sitting here with the 1tbsp and full control haha.

I grabbed mine at a local drug store but if you are an online shopper like me and not wanting to leave the house you can grab it from Amazon too!

Click HERE to grab some!

And while we are on the subject of poops, let’s just talk vitamins and regular bowel movements shall we?

Greens, Because I Refuse To Eat Salads

I thought I’d be that preggo that ate everything healthy and breezed through without food aversions – nope! I’m not her. Salads haven’t entered my shopping cart since I’ve been pregnant and greens has been my go to for getting in a high dose of vegetables and micronutrients. Plus, I hear that many women suffer with constipation during pregnancy – I’ve yet to experience this but it might be due to this drink and it’s high fibre content.

If you need a dose of 37 fruits and vegetables in one drink – I highly recommend trying out this plant based product! To be honest, I’m completely smitten with all of Arbonne’s products and have since been representing them because they are crazy healthy for the babe and I to consume!

Click HERE to grab some greens.

If you are interested in more of their products I suggest signing up as a preferred client and getting yourself a health bundle as it will save you 40% and you can try out a few of my favorites all in one package!

Click HERE for that option.

(Choose preferred client, then upper right hand corner you will find “special offers” and then click on the bundle pack options.)

And now we are onto the hot stuff…

For My Freezing Babes Out There

No matter how high we crank the heat I’m literally always cold. I get these severe back aches once I get too cold and can’t heat up. My boyfriend suggested getting a heated blanket for bedtime and I’m so so so happy I did! I love that it has different controls, but more so that it’s got a big of weight to it which gives me a comfort sensation as well.

Like almost everything in my life I went to Amazon, did my research and grabbed this one. Click HERE to check it out.

And lastly, the cheapest item but a necessity!

A Dress That Flatters


Where are my babes at who struggle to feel feminine with their growing belly and closet of clothes that no longer fits? The struggle was real for me and I started showing early in my pregnancy.

I tried multiple options and I have more fails than wins. But, the saving grace came in the form of the cheapest dresses that weren’t for maternity. I went onto the Fashion Nova site (skeptically) and decided to order 3 of their dresses that were around $15 – and wah-la they ended up being my best finds yet.

I scoured their website for the exact dresses I bought to share them with you but their 57 pages overwhelmed me and let’s jus say they are a safe bet. I went with a size small and it fit perfectly and their fabric isn’t see through!

Check out Fashion Nova if you are into this style!

Alright so there ya have it – I thought this would be a quick little blog and it turned out pretty long! I hope it helps you in some way and of course if you have any questions reach out to me!

With love,

Jess…and the mini hot tamale!