This is for the Mint Chocolate lovers

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Hey beauties!

Happy freakin' Saturday. I'm tucked away in Victoria on a work trip, sipping my greens, and surrounded by the most amazing human beings who literally drive me to be a better human. I know, sounds cheesy right?

But, yet at the same time I've heard so often that people really struggle finding their "people", and I just want to say - you will find them when you decide to live fully in alignment for you.

I struggled finding friends who were entrepreneurial driven and were always trying to push themselves into discomfort, and now that I've found them I've made the most growth I ever have. And to think it all started with Arbonne is pretty wild, never did I think these people would be MY people.

To go with my weekend cheesiness let's throw ya some sweetness...with this recipe!

Where are my mint chocolate lovers at?

Okay, I'm more than a little obsessed with Arbonne's new mint chocolate flavor powder. It's so versatile that I've been whipping up new recipes left and right - I literally bought five bags in fear of it selling out right away and now I'm shocked that it's still in stock! Like, how? Grab yours HERE!

 I also whipped up some coated chocolate balls (with the mint powder too of course) that I need to show you guys soon! I'll get working on that.

If you are looking for a SPICY workout - check this out. I posted it today on my Instagram - it's one you are going to want to try if you want your booty kicked.