JNP 38: There Will Never Be a “Great Time” to Start. Ditch the Bullsh*T and Just Start Already!


I was feelin’ fired up while driving myself to a work gig on a long commute. I was listening to my audiobooks and podcasts as per usual and felt the need to hit record on voice notes and share some of my pump up with you.

Can we all just start thinking that mornings will be wonderful and this process will be flawless? And can we all just move through the stickiness and discomfort because we know we are changing our lives? Perfect sounds like a plan! ;)

You can find more on how I coach and my programs at jessnadine.com - my main gig is the Progress Project our monthly subscription health coaching platform!

Need an energy buzz without the jitters? What a kickstarter? My replacement since being preggers has been the Arbonne fizz sticks! I still have about ½ a cup of coffee but now rely on these babies to get me through that mid-day slump or before the gym! You just dump them in and get your kick of antioxidants, B vitamins, and all that good stuff plus a small dose of caffeine. Easy and virtually zero cals - you can find them here.