How to Eat Comfort Foods (without all the calories)

As soon as the cold weather strikes I’m bundling up in my coats, scarves, boots, and almost always have a hot drink in hand. I’m also swapping in my smoothie bowls for hot foods that warm up my belly and soul. Ya feel me?

But can we be real? The term comfort food kinda irritates me in a few contexts that it’s used. Food shouldn’t COMFORT you from a feeling…unless you need a hot cup of coffee cause you are cold as fug – then yeah, that’s comforting. But can we please stop using the cold weather as a an excuse to eat like an as*hole and sabotage? Cold weather isn’t an excuse to pack on pounds as much as society likes to joke about the whole “winter weight” for “warmth”. Bish please. Let’s stop using every single winter as a reason to stuff our faces, feel like sh*t come spring and instead make some healthy badass meals that warm us up but don’t have us reaching for a bigger size jeans… mmm k?

But back to why we are here… let’s be real, those bowls of comfort foods and usually a lot higher in calories than a bowl of vegetables so here are my top tips on how to navigate the colder weather approaching.

1. Make it, bake it, reinvent it! I know it sounds like a lot more work but speaking as a very lazy version of Martha I’ll let you know – it’s not difficult!
Hop on Pinterest, search out the craving and type in the words “easy” and “healthy” with whatever you are craving and there will be recipes flying atcha!For instance earlier this week I made a homemade turkey and mushroom lasagna. I swapped ground beef for turkey saving tons of fat calories, only did two little layers of noodles saving all the carb calories, and didn’t drown my food in cheese… you get the point! And here’s proof of how good it turned out ;).

2. Stir-fry it up! When it comes to comfort you usually think sauce, hot, noodles – am I right? That’s how I am anyhow! So, a bowl of pippin’ hot veg with a delicious sauce is a no brainer!

I LOVEEE coconut curries, or anything Thai – and you can make these so dang healthy! I double up the veg and only use 1/2 cup of rice most of the time per serving. When I go out for Thai my go-to order is a vegetable stir-fry in a red curry sauce (medium to hot spice) with chicken and I ask for rice on the side.

3. Make easy mods! Learn to modify like a boss. Learn that you can always ask for non fat at Starbucks, that you can always ask for half sweet as just about any place you go, and that you don’t HAVE to have the biggest size to curb your craving. Have you ever had an early grey tea with steamed non fat milk and 1 honey added? If not, it’s amazing! Have you ever craved hot chocolate? Ask Tim Hortons for half hot chocolate and half coffee. Half sweet and non fat… anything! Make small changes and over time they will be big for squeezin’ into them skinny jeans!

Last week I got to podcasting with our registered dietician and let me tell ya – it was FIRE!

I’m pretty excited for this episode to hit your ears next week!

Until then… start swappin’ those calories and saving your waistline!

With love… Jess and the mini hot tamale!