Comfort Food: homemade chicken noodle soup

Welp, this started out as a recipe / food prep video disaster!

I came home from Hawaii to find my fire alarms all bleeping on full blast every 8 seconds and my stove and oven didn’t have running gas anymore. But, it wasn’t like I was just going to whip up a grilled cheese to find this out, nah, instead I bought a ton of meal prep goods and had a planned cooking LIVE with my clients lined up… then life throws ya that curve ball.

Oh, and my camera didn’t want to turn on… ya know it all happens in 3’s so it can’t get worse from here.

After a few “fml” moments I decided to dust off the ol’ crockpot and see what all the rave is about. I haven’t used a crockpot in YEARS and I wouldn’t say it was a magical experience when I did. But, I didn’t want some of this food to go to waste and I was hormonal and hungry (hello pregnancy).

So here we go… I made the best of it. Questioned whether I’d be able to even share this recipe with each wrong turn…like not even having chicken broth LOL… but then – it turned out SO GOOD! Today when I logged into our coaching community two babes had made it last night and raved about it – so I figured, alright I’m making it a blog post for ya all to try this winter!

Comfort food without all the calories – winning!!!

So, these are the cubes I am talking about….

And, when I say to cook my noodles separately – I also store them in separate containers. This is the following day preparing a bowl of leftovers. If I’m freezing the extras I do toss them together though!

Who’s giving this recipe a go?

I hope you ENJOY and remember that you can always make your fav comfort food dishes into some badass healthy versions with a little TLC and apparently a crockpot ;).


With love,

Jess…and my mini hot tamale! XO