Chocolatey Pumpkin Spiced Protein Balls

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Hey beauties!

I can't believe it's been a whole year since when I first met Cruz.

I remember thinking I was ready for months, then all of a sudden at 41 weeks pregnant I realized I had zero idea how to actually keep a human alive.

"It will come naturally" - said every mother.

Which once you are a mom, you really don't get that statement and some helpful tips would totally be useful.

I wish someone had warned me about the fears I'd have with him sleeping those first few days. How it's completely normal to panic, thanks to sleep deprivation and fear, that he's not breathing and you will poke him to make sure he is.

I wish I knew that I'd bleed (a lot) even if I didn't deliver naturally.

Ya know, just some common tips - ones I'll be sure to pass along to my future mama friends.

So much anxiety leading up to the day of his arrival - will it REALLY happen? Will I really become a mom? It didn't feel real yet.

I think it felt real once we were home. The hospital, the drugs and the pain just are a big blur at this point. But laying on the couch with him asleep those first few days - the reality finally sunk in. The best chapter to my life.

Has it been easy - no. Absolutely not. And I'm sorry if I make it look easy because it's been far from. Just today while I was coaching a live workout Cruz literally put his fingers in my butt while I was doing donkey kicks - not easy haha. But a wild fun ride that I wouldn't change for anything.

You have been a witness to the shifts momma-hood has brought into my life. I've learnt to do things one handed like a boss - answering emails, making smoothies, going to the bathroom, dishes, and basically my entire 43 step skin care routine haha.

I've also learnt to take deep breaths and realize sh*t just isn't the same as it once was.

I don't time block. Routines go out the window quicker than I make them. And I am usually always covered in pee, spit or food.

I move slower, sometimes quicker. I am often late. I don't sleep enough. Going to the bathroom alone is a luxury. And I've never hated the sound of a doorbell so much haha.

But, I still show up through the messy. I still prioritize me in the little bits of the day where I can. Even if it's self care with a baby in arms. Getting my movement in while it pours rain on me. And listening to work meetings while throwing a baby into the air to avoid cries. It's not easy, but it's doable.

 Just wanted to let you know that you can get through this, and you will. We all will.


And for that, here’s a sweet treat for you mama...



Veggie spiced snacks never tasted this good. Hope you like it! If yo

u don't have pumpkin on hand just swap for chocolate or whatever flavor. 

Jess &  Cruz