Cellulite: the famous body dimples

Oh hello cellulite… how nice of you to join me!

I remember I was about 8 weeks pregnant when I walked past a mirror in my underwear, backed up and double looked. I had cellulite. I didn’t freak out, but I was pretty surprised. I’m not going to lie and say I was happy, but I honestly had this moment where I was finally able to understand what all those mamas out there were talking about.

I might not have stretch marks (yet), I might not have the tears or caesarean scars (yet), but I had sore boobs and now…cellulite. These are what mamas either feel really ashamed about or feel super proud of. I have always admired and shared my client’s posts that proudly showcase their scars, loose skin and battle wounds of motherhood. They made a human – of course they are proud – how dang amazing is that.

I always vowed to try my best to walk in their light, to showcase all of the glory parts of pregnancy and motherhood when my time came. Well, it’s here.

I was talking with one of my past clients about this when she messaged me after my post about my new leg and butt dimples. She was proud of me. But the weirdest part was I was proud. I tried to share how I felt with her but it was hard to scramble out in a DM on Instagram so let me try here:

For the entirety of my life I’ve had people throw their excuses at me, which is totally fine. It’s their defence mechanism for what they aren’t able to do or process. So, it started off that I was only healthy because I was “young”, I was told to wait until my 30’s.

When my 30’s arrived I was told to wait until I had kids.

So now, now that I’m pregnant I’m told to wait until I have 2 or 3.

I’ve realized I’ll never be able to make those people realize their potential, even if I had 16 kids they would find something as their reasoning why they simply “can’t” change their life.

But here’s the thing – I felt like this cellulite allowed me to form a deeper connection or bond with all my mama clients. I felt like I as almost glorified for having smooth skin. And I just wanted women to know I’m human and flawed too. And here I am now, with visible dimples – and it made me happy. Because maybe, just maybe, this cellulite will allow some women, even if just one, feel more at home in her skin. Like, it’s okay to have cellulite and wear shorts. It’s okay to jump in those shorts. It’s okay to post about it. It’s okay not to hide. It’s okay.

Not sure if your cellulite has been lifelong, since you got pregnant, got older, had your hormones change or what but – I want you to know it doesn’t change your worth. It doesn’t make you less beautiful. It makes you you. And that’s it.

I got flooded with messages asking why I had it now, or what I thought the main reasons were. And I do have a couple reasonings which I will share. I’m not going to say that these reasons with their solutions will cure your cellulite but they might help.

So here we go:

1- Dairy!

Yes, dairy! I hardly consumed diary prior to my pregnancy but hello food aversions and cravings. I began craving CHEESE! If you know me, I could’ve lived without cheese for the rest of my life and been completely happy. I swapped cashew milk coffees for non fat lattes at Starbucks. Put cheese on my toast each morning. Consumed more yoghurt, cause granola and yoghurt was my only protein source for awhile. And wah-la dairy consumption at it’s highest in my life. I have noticed through the years my body (and many of my clients body’s responds in the same way to dairy). So kick it for a bit and see if it makes a difference. It’s up to you what you like more, maybe you’d rather not give up cheese for dimples. That’s your preference.

2- Hormones.

You know how some people genetically have cellulite? Maybe they have it from birth? Maybe you are one of those people. But hormones naturally change during pregnancy and with hormone changes can mean how you body stores and holds fat can change. I haven’t even tried to look into hormone treatments because I just simply don’t care. But if you do, seeking a natural remedy like a natural-path could be a route for you to go.

3- HIIT.

You all probably know this by now my high intensity workouts are my jam! And, these saucy workouts are also fat blasters, heart pumpers and just maybe cellulite kickers. I have deceased my amount of high intensity plyometrics since being pregnant and this could also be factoring into the changes.

…. actually let me give you one more but my wine-o’s out there aren’t going to like it – BOOZE. While I don’t contribute this to mine now, cause clearly I’m not boozin’, but alcohol, especially ones high in sugar content have a big impact on my skin and overall health. I have eliminated booze for many months on several previous occasions before and noticed a dramatic difference in my skin’s appearance. Again, it’s worth a shot.

Anyhow – here’s to making cellulite a little more normal.


Jess… and the mini hot tamale! XO