Cashew & Chocolate Protein Balls, Plus What I'm Reading

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Where are my book worms at?

I ALWAYS get asked about books and what I'm reading. So here's what's been in my ears for these past few weeks. I like to switch it up between self development and marketing books. If you aren't in the entrepreneurial world then try reading books that could advance you in your own career or dream path. I find when I switch it up between the two they inject me with the perfect combo of "ah ha" moments, new tools to put into use and a juicy dose of "get up and make your life happen".

Big Magic: by the always-illuminating Elizabeth Gilbert (of Eat, Pray, Love fame), this positive book shows you how to move beyond your fears and live a creative and satisfying life. The part near the intro about fears from childhood really stood out for me.

The Four Year Career: for my babes out there who are always busy building their own network marketing career as well. Read for a peek into the life of Richard Bliss Brooke, a self-made millionaire and no bs attitude.

Untamed: by the author of Love Warrior, this Reese Witherspoon official book club pick is essential for women. It's a "testament to self-love" and "a bracing jolt of honesty." and honestly her resiliency and outlook on life was refreshing.

Get Over Your Damn Self: This "no bs blueprint to building a life-changing business" is exactly what it claims to be (and more). I loved this book so much I bought it for all my babes who hit District Manager on my team! Read it if you are doing network marketing.

Everything is Figuroutable: Okay, who doesn't love Marie Forleo? This firecracker of a woman is always bringin' the wisdom, and this book is no exception. Pick it up if you want to learn how to overcome bad habits, adopt healthy ones, and create more abundance in your life.

Currently finishing up Dave Hollis' new book!

And now for some serious snackin'

Check out these wickedly delicious protein balls that are super easy to whip together!

You can get the marble cake shake mix here.

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