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My Story

First things, first - Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am so excited you are here with me.

I got pregnant mid 2019 and had my handsome baby boy, Cruz, in March of 2020. Prior to getting pregnant I always thought that keeping up with my lifestyle would be a piece of cake - I learnt differently when fatigue hit me hard, a growing bump made things a little more difficult and I had to ditch my ego with my workouts (which wasn't easy for me to do).

I was this fit nut who loved burpees, yes you heard that right, and during this time I got educated and realized that these crazy shenanigans would need to be put to the back burner if I wanted to create the healthiest pregnancy for me and my baby.

Throughout my pregnancy I got pre and post pregnancy certified, took additional core confidence courses and saw all the right people. People I didn't even knew existed like pelvic floor physiotherapists. All of which I am going to share with you in Bumpin' Bodies.

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What Bumpin' Bodies Is All About 


Easy to follow routines for weeks 4-40 of your pregnancy. Get bumpin' from the comfort of your home with minimal equipment: dumbbells, resistance bands & tubes, swiss ball and an aerobic step.


Guidance from a Registered Dietitian, Jessica Roocroft, on the basic recommendations. Plus, my sample meal plan and a ton of recipes that I created and ate throughout my pregnancy.


Sit down chats with me where I get intimate about internal shifts I personally went through and tools that I helped me with my confidence and self love during this time.

There's More...

Not sure about you but I always thought Kegels were this easy thing that Cosmo mag taught me about years ago... nope. After consulting with a pelvic floor physiotherapist during my pregnancy I learnt how learning how to actively use your pelvic floor is an essential piece to the pregnancy puzzle. I brought on Lacey Forsyth to chat with you about everything down there.


Let's Ditch The Complications...

Pregnancy doesn't have to be this time where you fear everything and question your every move. This guide will break it down in easy to understand terminology, nothing fancy, and get you doing what you need to be doing during your trimesters - moving your body, giving yourself grace, and showing up with self-care.

Bonus #1

I've added in bonus gym workouts that I did along my pregnancy journey and mobility exercises to incorporate into your fitness routine.

Bonus #2

The fourth trimester goodies - this is where I dish up some post partum basics that you should know and what the recommendations I personally followed after my delivery.

Ready to get bumpin'?

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