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JNP 43: Diet Culture Bullsh*t

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode: JNP 43: Diet Culture Bullsh*t

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Do you feel like every time you try to change your life you are roadblocked? Do you try to love yourself but find your trapped in cycles of self-sabotage and comparisonitis? Do you just want to learn real tools on how to transform you life? Or, maybe you just want to know that you are not alone and that these feelings and experiences are completely normal!

Welcome to the Jess Nadine Podcast where we are going to chat everything from sexy taboo topics to self-love. We are going to get real. Each week a new episode will be brought to you which will include tools and techniques to navigate this little thing called life. Tools to help you transform your life from your body to your mindset and more.

Get ready to be told (in a very sassy and bold way) that you CAN achieve confidence, sexiness and happiness BUT you’ve got to put in the work. So, let’s get to work. You ready?

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Jess Nadine Podcast 

Hey, there. Welcome back to another episode of the Jess Nadine podcast. I’m your host, Jess Nadine, and today we are talking about objections, specifically what to do when you sell a digital course online or maybe a group-coaching

Jess Nadine Podcast

An instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response, usually using an imperative verb such as buy now, find out more or visit a store today.


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