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Bumpin' Bodies

This is the guide that will allow you to enter and exit your pregnancy with body confidence and strength.

 Hey, mama!

Pregnancy is tough. When my first trimester hit me I was SHOCKED with how low my energy was. How nauseous I was. And to be honest for a bit there I was super disappointed that my body wasn't able to keep up. I needed a massive mindset shift. And I got one.

I began modifying my workouts. I left my ego at the door. And I started showing up for myself but in a whole new way.

I learnt to give myself more grace than I ever have. I also learnt that I needed to go back to counselling cause triggers were popping up again for me. And I also realized that there were massive shifts in my relationship... I get into all of this inside our mindset chats.

You are likely here because you want to show up for yourself during this pregnancy. I feel that. I experienced that. And I'm going to walk you through how I did just that while also normalizing a lot of what you are probably experiencing internally.

Bumpin' Bodies is the workouts that will get your body moving safely during your pregnancy while also dishing you up with the recipes I made myself and the goods from other professionals in the biz.

What you'll get:

  • Workouts: video tutorials and downloadable pdfs for weeks 4-40 of your pregnancy
  • Mini Mindset Modules: video conversations with me talking about the mindset shifts I personally went through during my pregnancy
  • Nutrition: simple guidelines to follow from a Registered Dietitian, along with a weekly sample meal plan and a ton of recipes that I personally made

Plus I included some of my workout videos and links to gym workouts for those of you who do have access to a gym and want to spice it up.

Required Equipment for this guide:

  • aerobic stepper
  • dumbells
  • resistance tube, band, and door anchor
  • swiss exercise ball

**There is a no refund policy due to the immediate and full access of this material**